Who is the central pillar of our nation? It is the Soldier, Doctor, Police, and our Framers! Right? Farmers give their life, but have not stopped farming in this pandemic situation! They are working day and night to feed us! Now, there is a piece of good news for our Kisan Brothers that First South India’s “Kisan Rail has started from Anantpur (Andhra Pradesh) to Adarsh Nagar(New Delhi). The rail has flagged off its journey on 9th September 2020.

Narendra Singh Tomar, Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, has remarked that it is the first Kisan Rail for safeguarding Farmer’s work from South India to the National Capital of India, Delhi.

Farmer’s hard work has finally paid them back.

The Kisan Rail is an excellent initiative by the government to give benefits to deserving farmers. The Agriculture Minister stated in his words that they got guidance and inspiration from our Country’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. After Modi’s precious words, Indian Railways has decided to come up with the Kisan Rail; the moto behind the rail launch is to boost farmers’ and villagers’ morale and generous gesture for kisan’s hard work.

An excellent day for Framers

Farmers are pleased after the announcement of Kisan rail in the budget. Indian Farmers have proved that won’t stop working, and even they did not find pandemic as the hurdle. Now, with the rail, Agriculture products will easily get distributed and Farmer will get better wealth for their work.

Kisan Rail has ensured farmers that agriculture products will be going to reach every state of India.

The Indian Railways, which is regarded as a Lifeline of the country, has committed to the farmers to market their products.

What is there in the Kisan rail?

The rail rake is fully loaded with 14 parcel vans, including 4 vans for the Nagpur city and 10 for Adarsh Nagar, Delhi.The first kisan rail is loaded with Bananas, Tomato, Papaya, Sweet orange, Mangoes, and Muskmelons.

The train takes 40 hours to reach Delhi and covers a distance of 2150 Km with fast speed.

Did you know? Anantpur is the Fruit Bowl of Andhra Pradesh. As per the reports, Delhi, UP, Haryana, and Punjab market out the Fruits and vegetables (almost 58 MT) of Anantpur. Earlier, Roadways the medium of sending fruits and vegetables, but it got damaged, and farmers have to bear it. Now, Railways will transport fruits and vegetables, as it is a pocket-friendly, safe, fast, and reliable medium. Thus, Farmer’s income will rise.

The Guntakal Railway team has played an essential role in making the farmers and traders aware of how loading in railways is better, which led to the inauguration of the Kisan Rail.



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