Ferry Porsche (left) and Max Hoffman in December 1951 on the terrace of Hoffman’s apartment on Park Avenue, New York

The most traditional sports car manufacturer Porsche arrived stateside in 1950 in the season of Autumn and started a remarkable journey that reached new heights over the past decades. It was probably a fine morning in 1950 when two stalwarts, Professor Ferdinand Porsche and Hoffman met and led to a decision that the new German Automotive Manufacturer with a humble beginning would start exporting its creation, Porsche to America.  And the result of that decision is this year Porsche is going to celebrate its 70th year of success in America.

Porsche AG is the largest and the most ancient sports car creator and similarly most profitable automotive manufacturer in the world also. In 1948, the first Porsche sports car received its certification for road use in Germany. It was a history between a brand and the U.S. going back to a new beginning.

An Austrian emigrant Max Hoffman had arrived in New York on June 21, 1941, and in 1947 and opened a showroom on Park Avenue, which was later remodified by Frank Lloyd Wright. “Hoffman Motor Car Company” began importing and selling established European brands to such a degree of success that it allowed taking a chance with less-known marques.

In the early days of their journey once Porsche said that he would be very happy if they could sell five cars a year in America in which Hoffman firmly replied that if he couldn’t able to sell five in a week then he was least interested and eventually they agreed on U.S. import contract of 15 cars in a year.

Without any campaign and advertisement Porsche created its own name on American market and it was Hoffman who made that possible. His words made American believe that 365 was one of the “Most exciting cars with a new conception in handling, roadholding, suspension and safety never known before” and within four years 11ccars per week were sold which meant 30% of the annual Porsche production and in 1965 the final year of 365 model had risen its sales in America to a massive 74.6%.

With times Porsche started establishing its showrooms in America and in decades it followed a variety of changes for the brand image. They even changed their organisational behaviour just to create an independent distribution network in American market and finally on September 1, 1984, Porsche was established in North America.

With the newer decades Porsche faced many failures and successes in its road track, even in 1990s automobile industry faced massive challenges but the introduction of Boxster received a huge recognition and in 1993, Porsche got its sales back on track. But in 2008, the worldwide financial crisis created a huge impact on automotive industry as well and for Porsche American sales dropped below 20,000 cars in 2009 which had not happened in the last decades. From that sports car manufacturer did not look back and started climbing new heights year by year with new models such as Panamera, Macan and many more.

On May 12, 2011, PCNA declared that they would build a new head quarter in Atlanta. Porsche in America was not only served as a centralised location for business rather it was considered as a brand embassy where visitors could experience the thrill. The Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) Atlanta, started its new journey with a driver development track, fine dinning restaurant, Heritage gallery and many more.

The largest two PEC’s outside of Germany (Los Angeles and Atlanta) made an investment of $160million and welcomed more than 4,50,000visitors so far. Along with physical foot print, Porsche also started its expansion in digital world as well.

Reaffirming the special bond between America and Porsche, more than 81,000 people gathered at the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in California in September 2018 for four days of racing, opportunities and to be associated with legendary Porsche sport drivers, vehicle premieres and all-around automotive enthusiasm at Rennsport Reunion VI. The carnival brought to life by PCNA’s former head of PR, Bob Carlson, had begun in 2001 as an engaging way to honour the Porsche motorsports legacy.

Coming to 2019, it was the pioneer year for Porsche in America in more than one sense as sales risen up to a record with 61,568 vehicles and started a new era. After the worldwide introduction of electric Taycan in September 2019, the very fast deliveries were initiated on American market in December of the same year. After Max Hoffman introduced the sportscar to the U.S., a new chapter was started being written and looking ahead to achieve many more milestone.