Tata Motors has announced that its popular compact SUV, the Nexon has been mentioned in the International Dismantling Information System, becoming the first Indian car to do so in the process. The system which is designed for End-of Life Vehicles(ELV), and with this Tata motors adds another feather to its commitment towards ecologically sustainable business, from manufacturing to End-of Life of their products.

Due to technological advancements in manufacturing and implementation in today’s vehicles, simplified dismantling of these cars have become complex, Tata is signifying its commitment towards ‘End of Life’ of its range of vehicles and begin declaration about dismantling procedures.

IDIS is used by over 25 global automakers across Europe and Asia, and Tata Nexon is the first Indian car to join this elite repository, where manufacturers provide all necessary  information for vehicle dismantling, starting with draining automotive fluids, the defuse of airbags and seat belt tensioners and dismantling of components containing hazardous materials. Indian Authorised Vehicle Scrapping Facilities(AVSF) will be able to access this information about each and every make and model of cars in India and use sustainable dismantling procedures, ensuring minimal waste and more recycling.

Tata Nexon’s ELV getting published on IDIS also compliments the government’s effort towards a cleaner tomorrow with its contribution towards protection, and improvement of the environment, under the Vehicle Scrappage policy and Automotive Industry Standards (AIS 129).

Speaking about Tata’s commitment towards cleaner and sustainable environment, Rajendra Petkar, President & CTO, Tata Motors said, “All our products are designed from the inception stage itself with high levels of recyclability potential to minimise material waste. Use of hazardous substances is restricted to a bare minimal while manufacturing and now with a defined process to manage ELV, we are laying down the path for responsible dismantling and recycling at the vehicle’s end of life stage.” He also expressed the automaker’s initiative to influence other automakers and customers to take the cleaner approach to manufacturing and use of vehicles.

Tata Motors has been one of the pioneers in adoption of sustainable practices. It created a system(International Material Data System-IMDS), wherein all suppliers to Tata Motors will have to declare the details of materials used in manufacture of vehicle components compulsorily.

Under its Performance Attribute Targets of environment management, Tata releases details of design and standards for recycle and maintenance of hazardous materials. Tata Motors has been the foremost automaker to adopt and implement policies towards a greener environment, and keeps its commitment from the inception of the cars life in the factory till its End of Life when it reaches a scrapyard.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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