Key Highlights of the pavilion:

  • Focus on CESS – Connected, Electric, Shared and Safe, as the future of mobility
  • 4 Global Unveils, a pre-production and a commercial launch, 14 Commercial & 12 Passenger Vehicles
  • Widest range of BSVI ready portfolio on display
  • Unveils the ‘HBX Show car’, based on the ALFA ARC, and the ‘Sierra EV Concept’ – a legend reborn
  • Introduces the ‘Hexa Safari Edition 
  • Launches the much-awaited ‘Harrier 2020’, based on the OMEGA ARC, with One India, One Price, starting at INR. 13.69 lakh for the manual version and INR. 16.25 lakh for the automatic version.
  • Teases the pre-production version of its flagship SUV – the Gravitas, scheduled to be launched in H1 FY2021
  • Announces the global unveil of the all-new Tata Winger and the Tata Prima facelift 5530.S
  • Displays the single largest EV portfolio across passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Brings to life, a very unique and ‘first of its kind’ experience for its customers with the Nexon EV dynamic test drive, live at the pavilion
  • Creates innovative and immersive means for visitors’ engagement by gamifying the EV drive experience, with a runner quiz on the Tata Motors AutoExpo app

Tata Motors has always been at the forefront in contributing to nation building by providing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for aspiring Indians. Today, at the country’s largest auto show, the AutoExpo 2020, the company takes great pride in showcasing an all-new range of passenger, electric and commercial vehicles with a focus on Connected, Electric, Shared and Safe.

With a firework of 4 global unveilsa pre-production preview and a commercial launch; Tata Motors raises the bar by bringing innovative products, engineered and made in India – for India. With a hall, spanning across 6000 sq. mtrs, the Tata Motors pavilion is divided into 4 thematic zones – Live, Play, Move and Build Zone. Each of these zones has been designed to reimagine the scope of what Tata Motors can offer, complemented by digital engagements to excite our visitors, from all age and choices.

Commenting at the launch, Tata Sons Group Chairman, N Chandrasekaran said, “The theme of our pavilion is a thoughtful representation of what India needs, how Tata Motors can contribute, and how we as the Tata Group are taking the lead in providing a transformative ecosystem solution in India. We are proud to offer one of the largest range of BSVI portfolio and this shows our commitment towards a clean and green environment. Tata Group has taken lead in driving the Government’s vision of electrifying India and building a comprehensive and sustainable ecosystem, by leveraging the Group’s rich experience and diversified competencies. The recently launched Tata uniEVerse is a holistic approach addressing all aspects of e-mobility solutions, from infrastructure to charging network and phase wise manufacturing plan, to provide our consumers a future ready sustainable and efficient e-mobility environment.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Guenter Butschek, CEO and MD, Tata Motors Ltd. said, “We’re super excited to showcase our new and upgraded products across passenger, electric and commercial vehicles, as they are not only BSVI ready, but they go beyond in terms of value, technology, features, experience, to meet the mobility aspirations of our customers. Each product at the Tata Motors pavilion is a careful, practical and emotional work of art, designed to provide more delight to its customers. The pavilion is designed on CESS, our four technology pillars that are revolutionising the mobility agenda. We are confident that our pavilion will offer the visitors and our customers, a unique sense of belonging and a feeling of pride, for what we have always stood for – Connecting India, responsibly and sustainably.”

The Stars of the Show

The all-new BSVI range of Commercial Vehicles

Tata Motors unveiled the all-new Winger, setting new standards in the commercial passenger segment in terms of style, safety, comfort and space. The new Winger is an all-rounder with superior aesthetics, better economics and comfortable ergonomics, making it an absolute winner in its category. Tata Motors also unveiled the New Tata Prima 5530.S Facelift – the epitome of engineering and the flagship of Tata Motors’ extensive commercial vehicle line-up. It comes with a power-packed drivetrain of ISBe 6.7L, 300HP, BSVI engine and G1150 gearbox, known for its robust durability and reliability. It is designed specifically to deliver high performance, unmatched fuel efficiency and better TCO.

The company displayed 14 all-new BSVI range of products across segments covering sub 1 ton to 55 ton GVW, with 140+ type approvals and 19 engines (including alternate fuels options), thus providing a vast array of product offerings to its customers.

The NEW FOREVER Passenger Vehicles

Tata Motors showcased the NEW FOREVER range of its Passenger Vehicles today with 12 exhibits exemplifying the IMPACT DESIGN 2.0 across Cars and Utility Vehicles.

Two path-breaking concepts based on the versatile ALFA ARC, ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ Architecture, were unveiled. The ‘HBX Showcar’ as a natural extension of the ‘H2X Concept’ – readying for production, Capturing the spirit of adventure. The ‘Sierra EV Concept’ – a legacy rebornwith modern, progressive look into the future of SUVs. The ‘Sierra EV Concept’ is fully electric and goes beyond a SUV. Tata Motors also unveiled the ‘Hexa Safari Edition’ – a soul-stirring combination of two of our most loved SUVs – the iconic Safari and the ultra-capable Hexa.

Derived from the Land Rover’s legendary D8 platform, and customised as ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ Architecture (OMEGA-ARC) for India, Tata Motors launched the much-awaited ‘Harrier 2020’, which comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission, mated to the next-generation 170PS BSVI Kryotec diesel engine. The feature-loaded SUV comes with a host of new features like panoramic sunroof, powered driver seat, amongst others. The ‘Harrier 2020 comes with ‘One India, One Price’ starting at INR. 13.69 lakh for the manual version and INR. 16.25 lakh for the automatic version. Bookings are open and the car would be available at the dealerships later this month. Tata Motors also showcased its new flagship SUV – the Gravitas, in its production spec, scheduled to be launched later in H1FY21. The Gravitas is a true personification of Power, Indulgence and Capability.

Representation of the largest range of Electric Vehicles portfolio

Tata Motors today showcased the single largest portfolio of EVs in India, with the newly-launched Nexon EV – India’s Own Electric SUV, the Altroz EV – a modern city car, resetting the rules for the industry, catering to maturing customers. In the commercial vehicles space, the company displayed the Tata 4/12m Low Floor Entry Electric Bus – the first full-electric drivetrain. It is a state-of-the-art solution for urban transport requirements. The Tata Ultra T.7 Electric was also on display, as India’s first-ever intermediate commercial electric truck. The Ultra T.7 Electric is designed to foster the agile goods movement across all business applications, making it the best fit for city transportation requirements.

Tata Motors has made significant contributions to the country’s automobile sector in the last 75 years. By showcasing sustainable and green solutions at the AutoExpo 2020, Tata Motors will drive the future of mobility in India.

Tata Sierra EV Concept

The Tata Sierra EV Concept is the return of a Living Legend to the Tata Motors brand.

The Sierra Concept is a modern, progressive and optimistic look into the future of SUVs, now in an electric avatar. It is a car that asks, what is the future of the SUV? What is the future of mobility? How will this product form the narrative of a sustainable and responsible world? And finally it brings back the romance and spirit of an iconic nameplate in Tata Motors’ history. This is a vision that looks back and sees the future.

The Sierra EV Concept continues the development of the IMPACT 2.0 design language creating vehicles that look sharp and reflect the contemporary expression of Tata Motors design. It is a 4.1 metre SUV and is the third vehicle based on the new ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ (ALFA) Architecture and is a full EV. Outstanding in quality and capturing the essence of the sophisticated customer, the Sierra Concept’s design is dynamic and focused on the outside while providing class leading space and functionality on the inside.

On the exterior, the Sierra is a functional focused design that mirrors the active lifestyle of the customer. Inspired by the original Sierra’s iconic stance and window graphics the Tata Design team have created a product that is modern, progressive and yet captures the spirit of the original. Well balanced and poised, it is designed with tasteful minimalism. It can function as a rugged all round SUV but also as a mobility solution. The front face echoes the Impact 2.0 humanity line but reinterprets this in a new way expressing the EV identity. There is a balance between ‘tough tech’ along the bottom of the car expressed in the cladding and the platform and powertrain and ‘flush tech’ along the upper side which emphasizes quality and seamless surfaces.

The interior design is built on creating a spacious and stress free environment. The rear passenger layout emphasizes roominess, comfort and safety, creating an inviting atmosphere. It offers a unique and pioneering approach to mobility with a signature lounge layout for the rear passengers and the ability of the front passenger to rotate and share in this space. There they will enjoy the large panoramic windows and skylight. The dashboard forgoes the race to add more screens and instead offers a natural wooden tech shelf with the ability for the customer to bring their own device. This adds to the digital detox of the Tata Sierra experience creating an atmosphere where the users interact with each other and enjoy the vista.

The colours of the materials used throughout the Sierra Concept underline these values. The subtle pearlescent “off white” exterior colour complements front and rear lamp graphics representing modernity and the digital generation without looking aloof. The story continues inside led by the contours of wood grain accentuating gentle curves of light and a welcoming interior. On second look, you are invited to experience endless visual & tactile elements, subtle Jaali textures, combinations of off-white knit and geometric embossed textile, moss and finally yet importantly, etched graphics on recycled leather sections telling the Sierra story.

The search for utopia. The belief that the human condition can be improved by good design. That is the philosophy behind the Tata Sierra Concept. That is the future of mobility and the future of modern India.


Tata Hexa Safari Concept

The Hexa Safari Concept unveiled at the Auto Expo is an expression of the immense love that 2 of our SUV brands- Hexa and the iconic Safari have received from the customers. It gives a preview to the shape Hexa would take in the future when launched with BSVI technology upgrades in the next financial year.

Acknowledging the go-anywhere attitude of the Safari, we have expanded the concept of Safari and taken it across all 4×4 vehicles to be offered from Tata Motors in the future. The Hexa Safari Concept is based on the Hexa 4×4 and offers toughened looks and extreme 4×4 capabilities, making it the prefect getaway SUV for a wild adventure. With an imposing road presence, and flawless design, it commands respect from all. The foliage colour inspired by the earthy tones of the outdoors further underlines the tough, restrained design and the 4×4 intent of the product.

The interiors of the Hexa Safari Concept as in the original Hexa are inviting and comfortable, with intelligent choices of colour, fabric and materials which are rich and luxurious to look, touch and feel and yet extremely hard and appropriate for the drives to extreme terrains will cosset the occupants.

The Hexa Safari Concept looks imposing and eye-catching with its stunning new design elements and an unparalleled drive, it is a bold 4×4 SUV from Tata Motors. Made for the ones who want the best of both worlds – off-road and within the city, the Hexa, has got whatever it takes to win hearts all over again with its BSVI launch in the next financial year.

Tata HBX Concept

The HBX concept gives a glimpse into Tata Motors’ next generation SUVs. This concept SUV offers a stunning package of performance, true SUV design and space that is made possible in such a small footprint.

Being the second vehicle built on the ALFA-ARC (Agile Light Flexible Advanced Architecture), the HBX Concept offers unmatched driving characteristics and the ruggedness of a true SUV and uncompromised safety. The stunning IMPACT 2.0 design language gives the vehicle not just a striking muscular road presence but also great functionality of space.

Packaged with great ability, performance and durability into its design, the HBX Concept is practical, comfortable yet versatile and power packed to drive. Engineered keeping in mind consumers with an active and dynamic lifestyle, the HBX Concept promises to offer thrill and excitement to the youth at every turn.

STRENGTH OF ALFA-ARC: This sub-compact SUV is the 2nd vehicle to be based on ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ (ALFA) Architecture. This modular platform lends HBX its rugged stance, unmatched driving dynamics and most importantly, uncompromised safety.

TRUE SUV DESIGN: HBX Concept takes forward the Impact 2.0 Design philosophy. It is a great combination of true SUV design & thoughtfully designed class-leading interior space.

POWER PACKED: HBX is extremely power packed to drive. It is very versatile and promises to offer thrill and excitement at every turn; all in such a small footprint.

COMFORTABLE & SAFE: HBX is intuitively crafted to be very practical and comfortable. It is meant for a customer with an active and dynamic lifestyle. You can be on the go always, in very safe hands.

TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN: HBX offers best-in-class connectivity features integrated with the highly capable infotainment system.

Tata Gravitas

Epitome of Indulgence. The Perfect balance of stature & character, behold Tata Gravitas.

Gravitas, the second vehicle built on the OMEGA (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced) Architecture, which is derived from Land Rover’s legendary D8 platform, and the IMPACT 2.0 Design language, will set international benchmarks in terms of performance, driveability and Indulgence.

A global SUV, which is the true personification of Indulgence and Power, the Gravitas has an aura that inspires and captivates. With its majestic stance and unmatched performance, the Gravitas is designed for those who inspire and lead.

The Gravitas is a masterpiece, carefully crafted with exciting proportions, expressive surfaces, futuristic safety features and extraordinary attention-to-detail. Designed for the discerning with the perfect balance of exclusivity and functionality, Tata Gravitas, is for those with a desire to Enrich their Lives, all set for its launch in the next financial year.

PERFORMANCE THAT ELEVATES.  – The legendary pedigree of the OMEGA ARC and the strength of the KRYOTEC engine blend to put up a performance worthy of a maestro.

DESIGNED FOR THE DISCERNING. – The IMPACT 2.0 Design language turns every line and curve into a carefully sculpted masterpiece.

INDULGENCE, CRAFTED. – Its ergonomic interiors, designed with panache and crafted with the finest materials, is the epitome of true artistry.

TECHNOLOGY, TRULY IN VOGUE. – Truly superior connectivity with an infotainment system that puts the art in state-of-the-art.

SAFE AND SAUVE – The robust strength of the OMEGA ARC combined with top of the line safety features, promise to deliver absolute safety.

New Tata Winger

Tata Motors pioneers its way in the vans category by engineering a one-of-its-kind vehicle for the Indian market. The all-new Tata Winger commands a powerful presence with its bold and imposing front face and LED tail lamps.

Step inside the new Winger to experience a car-like cockpit and comfortable seats for passengers embellished with features like individual AC vents and seats with horizontal slide for better shoulder width.  Designed to perfection, this new Winger is all set to make heads turn and provide best-in-class total cost of ownership.

The all-new Tata Winger is a monocoque vehicle with distinguished features in terms of style, space, comfort and safety. Offering a unique combination of comfort for passengers and economics for the operator, the Winger addresses the pressing need of product performance and fuel efficiency for operators and the joy of travelling comfortably together for the passengers.

The new Winger is an all-rounder with superior aesthetics, better economics and comfortable ergonomics making this the absolute winner in its category.


  • Bold and stylish front face ensures a commanding presence
  • Car-like cockpit with gearshift advisor on instrument cluster provides comfortable and economical driving
  • Eco switch for better fuel efficiency
  • LED tail lamp to enhance the look
  • Rear Park Assist System
  • Split power full AC with individual AC vents ensures a relaxed and comfortable travel
  • Passenger seats with horizontal slide for better shoulder width
  • Lap belts for all passenger seats for safety
  • Multiple USB charging points
  • 2L DICOR Engine boasting 100HP of power and 190Nm of flat torque curve, which ensures lesser gear shifting by assuring greater pulling power even at low RPM
  • A front independent McPherson strut suspension system gives better manoeuvrability and better ride comfort
  • A front axle drive resulting in car-like low Noise Vibration Harness (NVH) in its class.
  • Front axle drive also ensures lower weight, better traction and reduced transmission loses

Applications: Staff, School, Tour & Travel 

Technical specifications:

Seat typeReclining
Engine stageBSVI
Engine type2.2-litre DICOR
Power73.5KW (100 PS) @ 4300rpm
Torque200Nm @ 1250-3500rpm
ClutchCutch-215mm single plate dry friction, semi hydraulic actuation
Gear box5 forward + 1 reverse, manual
Front brakesDisc brakes with twin pot calliper
Rear brakesDrum brakes with abs
Front suspensionMcpherson strut with coil spring
Rear suspensionDouble parabolic leaf spring, hydraulic telescopic shock absorber
Wheels and tyres195 R15 LT, 8PR radial
Wheelbase3488 mm
Overall length5458 mm
Overall width1905 mm
Overall height2670 (external)/1900(internal) mm
Max GVW3475kg
Fuel tank capacity60 litres

Tata Prima 5530.S FL

The new Tata Prima Facelift 5530.S comes with a power-packed drivetrain of ISBe 6.7L- BS6- 300 HP, BSVI engine and G1150 gearbox known for its robust durability and reliability. It is designed specifically to deliver high performance in terms of fuel efficiency and better total cost of ownership. The new Prima Facelift comes with state-of-the-art next-generation cabin and appealing front facia with refresh exteriors, Tata Trust bar and interiors almost resembles that of a car; like the ergonomically designed stylish dashboard.


  • Cummins Isbe 6.7l – 300hp engine
  • An optimised drivetrain to give an enhanced total cost of ownership to the customer
  • Multimode fuel efficiency adaptation through Gear shift Advisor (GSA)
  • Tilt & Telescopic steering column
  • Shock-resistant soft touch steering wheel with steering wheel mounted switches
  • Foldable twin accommodation co-driver seat and mechanical suspended seat, front head box
  • Washable molded soft trims
  • New-generation dashboard with enhanced utility spaces (with dual glove box)
  • Steel aero corners for reduced service cost and improved reliability
  • Next-gen TFT Instrument cluster
  • All new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android connectivity
  • Projected headlamps with LED DRLs and intergraded cornering lamps
  • Features:
    • Anti-fuel theft feature, maintenance-free rubber bush at front suspension with improved durability
    • Best-in-class engine oil change intervals, air less DEF (AUS 32) injection for enhanced fuel efficiency
    • Electronic stability control (ESC)
    • Rear park assist with camera
    • Hill start Assist (H.S.A)

Applications:  Application for Cement Bag, Steel coil, Industrial Goods, white goods, Containers, FMCG.

Technical Specifications:

EngineCummins Isbe 6.7l -300hp BSVI
Max Power300 HP @ 2300 rpm
Max Torque1100 Nm @ 1100-1700 rpm
Clutch Type430 Dia , Single plate, Dry friction type, Pull type
Gear BoxTata G1150 DD Mechanical Shift – 9 Forward + 1 reverse
Front AxleHeavy duty forged I-beam Reverse Elliot type.
Rear AxleSingle reduction axle in pressed steel welded beam with differential carrier housing. Fully floating axle shafts
SuspensionParabolic leaf spring with rubber bush at front & Two spring balance                                      beam Bogie with semi elliptic multileaf spring & rubber  Mounted torque rods and V-rod at Rear.
FrameLadder type heavy duty frame with Riveted / bolted cross members Side members are of channel section
CabPRIMA Facelift Sleeper Flat cab

4 point Mechanical cab suspension

Hydraulic cab tilt mechanism (Manual)

Battery12 V,100 Ah x 2Nos.
Service BrakesDual circuit full air S-cam brake
Fuel Tank Capacity365 litres
Wheel Base3890 mm
Max Speed90 kmph
Max Gradeability15.58% (8.86 Degree)
GVWGVW  28000 Kg , GCW 55000 Kg