The Tata Curvv is a electric concept car by Tata Motors launched in 2022. Defining a new era of SUV design, Tata Motors today showcased its Electric SUV Concept – Curvv. Conceptualised to offer practicality and elegance, all whilst exuding dynamism and unmatched road presence, the Concept Curvv is Tata Motors’ rendition of the modern SUV typology. Expected to storm the market within the next two years, this Concept will introduce India to a unique, edgy and sporty coupe body style which in the past has only been prevalent in the high end luxury segment. The Concept Curvv in its production ready avatar will first enter the market as an extension of the company’s ever evolving Electric Vehicle (EV) portfolio which will subsequently be followed by its Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterpart. Additionally, the Generation 2 EV architecture will be advanced, flexible and capable of offering multi-powertrain options. Products on this architecture will be crafted to deliver a higher range while retaining the credibility and reliability standards set by the Generation 1 products powered by Ziptron.

Available in Electric, Petrol & Diesel engines

1 Upholstery: Fabric

1 Wheel: 20 inch Aeroblade Design Diamond Cut Alloy

1 Colour: Blue

Price range (Not launched): Rs. 15 lakh – Rs. 20 lakh (Approx.)