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Originally aimed at promoting social harmony, the refrain of the classic hit by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney applies to this latest endeavor by T Sportline. Take the menacing look of a black car with tinted windows and dark wheels with the elegant look of a crisp off white interior and you have a winning combination.

That was exactly the effect renowned Tesla customizer T Sportline’s discerning client was after in commissioning Project TS8. One part ruthless MMA fighter, one part buttoned-up gentleman, this once-stock P100D has been transformed into a unique daily driver with an imposing presence.

Exterior: Stealth Fighter

It’s hard not to use the mid-aughts term “murdered out” when looking at this car. The imposing exterior is accomplished by obsessively stamping out anything remotely shiny or reflective. All chrome was deleted or blacked out in 3M Satin Black vinyl wrap, including the mirror base, front trim, side windows. Trunk trim and “T” emblems were painted to match the Satin Black sheen. Even the Tesla and P100D emblems were redone in black in keeping with the stealth motif. A carbon fiber trunk wing not only looks tough, but adds downforce to the equation.

Wheels & Tires: Max Grip

A set of matte black TS118 21” forged wheels were mounted, measuring 21×9.0” in front and 21×9.5” in the rear. Weighing in at approximately 20% lighter than the factory 21” turbine wheels, the reduction in unsprung weight dramatically improves acceleration and cornering. Although the TS118 is sporting T Sportline center caps, all of T Sportline’s wheels do accept factory Tesla center caps. A black T Sportline lug nut cover set keeps Project TS8 in line with its stealth look.

T Sportline mounted Pirelli P Zero 4 tires in factory tire sizes 245/35-21 fronts and 265/35-21 rears to keep outer diameter within factory parameters.

As with its other services, T Sportline gives its customers the ability to go bespoke. Customers may choose wheel finishes in any color they can imagine.

Interior: Access Granted

T Sportline is famous for its interior work in particular, and this latest project is no exception. Where Project TS8’s exterior says “back off,” the interior says “Welcome to the Lounge, sir. May I make you a cocktail?”

Every piece of fabric has been replaced with Bentley Linen leather. The front and rear seat inserts feature Mercedes-esque perforation to increase comfort on the long hauls. Black contrast stitching breaks up the linen in select areas, and T Sportline’s Signature Quilt Stitching adds an elegant touch to the upper seat areas in both the front and rear.

Gloss black carbon fiber is used throughout the cabin to offset the bright white Bentley Linen leather. T Sportline has installed their Gloss Carbon Fiber Dash Panel Kit, Center Console Tray, Center Console Flip Door, Seatbacks, and Seat Side Assembly in Project TS8. The steering wheel in and of itself is a wonder to behold, with gloss carbon fiber and leather sides topped off with a color-matched airbag.

Rounding out the premium interior upgrades are a set of custom floor mats measuring a whopping ¾ inches in thickness. Because you wouldn’t want to scuff your Valentinos on your way to the airport.

Audio & Electronics:

Stealth fighters aren’t made solely with bucket loads of black paint. It takes advanced avionics to avoid the SAMs. Similarly, it takes some foresight to avoid the dreaded blue and red flashing lights that accompany most lead foots. To that end T Sportline has discretely installed an Escort Passport Max CI radar detector, allegedly world’s best custom-installed radar detector.

The soundtrack in Project TS8 is upgraded thanks to T Sportline’s Audiophile Upgrade. A Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 EQ Processor has been integrated into the factory system so that each of the 13 aftermarket speakers can be individually tuned to create the perfect sound stage for all types of music. The front door speakers have been replaced with Rockford Fosgate 8″ mid bass woofers. The dash speakers and rear door speakers have been replaced with Focal K2 Power series mid-range and tweeters. One Alpine PDX-V9 amplifier and one Rockford Fosgate T400X4ad have been installed for a whopping amount of power – over 1,300 watts to be exact. The deep bass comes courtesy of an Alpine shallow 10” subwoofer installed in a custom carbon fiber-trimmed enclosure in the rear.

A key benefit of the Audiophile system (besides getting your groove on) is that this sound system does not harm or draw additional power from the Tesla range battery system.

Final Thoughts

Project TS8 is a moving expression of balance. Automotive enthusiasts look to their luxury cars to project a certain style, while wrapping them in comfort. With an imposing exterior and a serene interior – Project TS8 certainly achieves the balance it was designed to provide its deserving owner.

Base Car

  • 2017 Tesla Model S P100D


Phase 1

  •   Bentley Linen Front Seats w/ Black stitching
  •   Door Inserts in Bentley Linen leather
  •   Rear Seats w/ upper neck area in Bentley Linen leather
  •   Rear Seat Inner Bolster in Bentley Linen leather
  •   Lower Dash in Bentley Linen leather
  •   Center Console Sides in Bentley Linen leather

Phase 2

  •   Door Inserts in Signature Square Quilt
  •   Front Seat: upper neck area in Signature Square Quilt
  •   Rear Seat: upper neck area in Signature Square Quilt

Phase 3

  •   Carbon Fiber Seatbacks

Phase 4

  •   Reupholstered main door section in Bentley Linen leather

with contrast Black stitching

Carbon Fiber Upgrades

  •   Gloss Carbon Fiber Seatback Cover (Phase 3 interior option)
  •   Front Seat Sides Assembly in Gloss Carbon Fiber
  •   Gloss Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
  •   Gloss Carbon Fiber Center Console Sliding Tray & Flip Door
  •   Gloss Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel upholstered in Bentley Linen
  •   Dyed Airbag to match Bentley Linen Leather

Floor Mats

Custom 52oz Pile, 3/4″ Floor Mats with T Sportline logo hand carved in Red Carpet

Wheels & Tires

  •   TS118 21×9.0″ Front / 21×9.5″ Rear (*20% lighter than factory 21″ turbine)
  •   Pirelli PZero 4 245/35-21 front, 265/35-21 rear (*factory tire size)
  •   Black TSportline lug nut cover set


  •   Front & Rear T emblems painted Satin Black
  •   Rear Hatch Chrome Strip painted Satin Black
  •   Chrome Trim wrapped in 3M Satin Black


  •      Escort Passport Max CI radar detector
  •      Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 EQ Processor
  •      Rockford Fosgate 8″ mid bass woofers in front doors
  •      Focal K2 Power series mid-range and tweeters in dash
  •      Focal Access Series Coaxial in rear doors
  •      Alpine PDX-V9 amplifier and Rockford Fosgate T400X4ad amplifier
  •      Alpine shallow 10″ subwoofer in custom carbon fiber trimmed enclosure in the rear