The cars are heavily modified on the cosmetics, especially on the exterior which gives them a very attractive look. Lacking company backed looks, this may deter buyers from getting aftermarket parts and go for the modified models instead.

India has been a big fan of Maruti Suzuki cars, from providing the first public car-the Maruti 800 to today’s modern Swift, they have done it all and the country rewards it well. Maruti Suzuki sells more cars than a lot of other manufacturers combined, but often we see people modifying their cars with aftermarket parts, especially on the Swift by adding loud exhausts and sportier body panels and design. But what if one could get their sporty desires fulfilled by a visit to the Maruti Suzuki Dealership?

Over the Bay of Bengal, in Thailand the International Motor Expo was held from 1-13 of December. And Suzuki Thailand showed up with some very interesting modifications on their cars, despite the Worldwide pandemic, Mr. Minoru Amano, President Suzuki Thailand said, “Suzuki would not have been able to continue to stand strong by only producing quality vehicles that fit every need and desire of drivers, but Suzuki has always strived to upgrade its brand to make sure that Suzuki will always be the number one label in the customers’ hearts.”

The Suzuki Pavilion prominently displays the Swift GL Max Edition which is a race inspired version of the popular hatchback. It comes with a sporty looking skirt which runs all around the body, a rear spoiler, a shark fin antenna and a redone front and rear bumper assembly which is now filled with more muscular black plastic. The rear bumper integrates the dual exhausts into four tailpipes and it rides on new blacked out alloys. While the car does not get any mechanical updates as such, the GL Max Edition is surely a head turner with its aggressive styling compared to the more sober standard car.

The XL7 which was recently launched in India also gets a modified look. This one has updated black plastic cladding around the car to improve the look, and a redesigned bumper with chrome plastic inserts on the grille which has also been redesigned on top of this the car gets a covered roof-rack to improve the luggage capacity and free up the 3rd row seats. The interior also gets an update, with sportier carbon-fibre inspired panelling. This modified version of the XL7 is meant to improve the looks and the functionality of the family car as a long-journey vehicle.

The Ertiga also gets some tweaks in the form of a new front grille and bumper design, black skirts along the sides, and blacked out alloys. In the red color that the car was displayed at the expo with the addition of the black and chrome that creates a contrast, it looked properly sporty- a look which the Innova Crysta also dons in its TRD Sportivo trim. A closed roof-box was also present on the car, now this model though not specified and just an attempt of Suzuki Thailand as to what its engineers can do is a viable option for the Indian market, as customers often choose various aftermarket modifications like the roof spoiler and sportier bumpers. If Suzuki can sell the look in a special package, it would not be surprising if it would be a popular option.

Now the pricing for a lot of these modified models is not known as they are not production spec, but the Swift GL Max edition sells for 541,000 Thai Baht, which if deflated for Indian Rupee would amount to a price of  INR 9 Lakhs. If Suzuki decides to sell the special edition in India, and price it below 10 Lakhs then they may even give the VW Polo GT a good competition. The models of the XL7 and the Ertiga can also be introduced as a special visual package, which will make these family oriented cars fill up a slight gap to sportiness.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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