When it comes to powerful small cars, most petrolheads probably think of the Polo GTI, Fiesta ST, Mini Cooper S / JCW, Corsa OPC or possibly the Clio RS first. But there are also alternatives that combine compact dimensions and low weight with relatively high performance and thus promise plenty of driving fun. For example the Suzuki Swift Sport. This example of the current generation of the Japanese racer, which weighs little more than a ton, received a set of high-quality rims from Barracuda Racing Wheels.

Barracuda Shoxx wheels measuring 8×18 inches with 215/35R18 tires were mounted on the axles. The matt bronze finish skilfully sets accents and is continued in matching stripes on the side of the doors. The appropriate lowering, which ensures the perfect alignment of the wheels under the fenders and an even more dynamic appearance, is 35 millimeters and can be attributed to an H&R spring set. Last but not least, the Swift Sport is now characterized by a more robust and rich engine sound, which in turn is due to the Inoxcar exhaust system made of stainless steel.

Of course, all installed parts have an ABE or a parts certificate, so that TÜV- compliant assembly and registration is no problem.