• First Outback built on the Subaru Global Platform (SGP) for increased safety, driving performance and ride comfort
  • First Subaru designed to withstand collision impacts under new Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier (MPDB) testing
  • Next-generation EyeSight system with 11 safety functions, and newly added driver’s face recognition technology
  • 90% renewed BOXER engine, 2.0T towing capacity and permanent AWD equipped as standard
  • 11.6-inch high-resolution touchscreen featuring the most advanced Subaru Infotainment System

(The all-new Outback EU spec.)

Zaventem, 29 March 2021 – Subaru Europe, subsidiary of Subaru Corporation, today announced the introduction of the all-new Outback in the European markets, due to arrive in the showrooms starting from April 2021.

Since its launch in 1995, the Outback has built history as the forerunner of a new car segment, the station wagon crossover SUV, combining the attributes of both passenger car and SUV.

The Outback has grown into Subaru’s flagship model, and its popularity increased over the years, cherished by people around the world, for providing the values of an everyday companion: safety, comfort, practicality, durability and drivability. The 6th generation continues to offer Subaru’s promise of driving fun, all-around safety and above-average resilience in a completely new package, with the safest, roomiest, most capable, advanced and refined Outback ever built.

Over the last 26 years, the Outback has sold over 303.000 units sold in Europe, establishing itself as one of the best-sellers in the line-up. Accumulated global production exceeds 6.6 million units (since 1989).

Main features of the all-new Outback (European specification)

  • Overall safety top in its classThe safest Outback ever built, the new model offers an all-around safety protection, from thin pillars, large windows, seat shape, to an array of world-class, advanced safety technologies.

    It boasts generous standard equipment, featuring the next generation EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, Subaru’s stereo camera prevention collision system, now with an expanded angle of view, nearly doubled, and new image recognition software, available with 11 safety functions, among which new ones were added: Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering Function, Emergency Lane Keep Assist, Speed Sign Recognition with Intelligent Speed Limiter, Lane Departure Warning with steering wheel vibration, Lane Departure Prevention, recognizing also dividing line like grass or road edge and Pre-Collision Braking System with expanded support for collision avoidance at intersections.


    It adds Subaru’s face recognition technology to its safety package, the Driver Monitoring System, which will alert the driver when distracted or feeling fatigued. New for Outback is the Reverse Automatic braking, a standard safety functions that helps drivers to avoid collisions when reversing and mitigates the damage in case of collision. Its rich safety equipment includes Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD), Multi View Monitors: Front View / Rear View / Side View Monitors, for a safer drive that reduces vehicle blind spots, and the Rear Seat Reminder.

    The SGP ensures class-leading passenger safety thanks to an increase in the amount of high-tensile steel panel materials for a lighter body and improved protection in frontal, side and rear end collisions by + 40% enhanced energy absorption efficiency and impact load transmission. The body has been substantially strengthened with a new structural frame (full inner frame structure) and an addition of beams and sub frames, further enhancing the world’s top level collision safety performance, as Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier (MPDB) crash test, to better protect all drivers in case of an accident.

  • Driving enjoyment with a superior dynamic quality feelThe new model preserves the distinctive combination of permanent S-AWD with the BOXER engine and Lineartronic CVT transmission. It incorporates a direct-injection 2.5-liter NA horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, with about 90% engine parts redesigned and a higher compression ratio. The Lineartronic CVT has been renewed with the gear ratio coverage expanded to a wide range equivalent to 8-AT. The hydraulic system has been renewed and the oil viscosity lowered, which reduces horsepower loss by 22% compared to the previous model. This combination offers an enhanced driving performance and increased torque control, while the standard S-AWD, provides all-weather capability, paired with a standard active torque vectoring for improved handling and cornering performance.

    Handling performance and ride comfort have been increased with significant improvements made to the suspension and chassis, removing vibrations from the steering system, floor and seats. The SGP’ strengthened body rigidity with an optimal placement of damping and sound insulation materials and increased suspension strokes, enhance the absorption performance on uneven road surfaces and significantly enhance cabin quietness, along with a new sound-insulated glass, which uses a sound-insulating inner film for the windshield and front-door glass.

    Refurbished structures of the body and chassis provide less body roll reduced by 50%, an excellent straight-line stability and a quicker, more linear steering responsiveness adapted to the driver’s intention.

    The standard driver-selectable SI-DRIVE, allows the driver to tailor the vehicle’s throttle characteristics by choosing between “Intelligent” and “Sport” modes, adds more flexibility for a more convenient and enjoyable drive.

  • Roomier and more versatileIt is more spacious than the previous model, with increased front to-rear seat center distance by +10.8mm, between left and right occupants’ front hip room by + 30mm / front shoulder room +7mm. The cargo space opening width has been enlarged by almost 30mm, the space floor length is longer by 23.9mm, and the cargo capacity is increased with 10L, of now 522L (with the seats up).

    The all-new Outback comes with a variety of convenient features suited for any lifestyle. It incorporates Subaru-first hands-free power rear gate and single-touch lifting cargo cover which allows easy operation to open the trunk gate simply by moving the elbow near the sensor built into the logo ornament.

    The cargo space sides include enhanced hooks and net pocket so objects can be easily fixed with a net. For more cargo versatility and safety, the Outback offers standard roof rails with integrated and retractable cross bars, now enhanced with tie-down holes so ropes can be tied directly on the roof rails.

    The door opening sections include wider, non-slip patterned steps, so luggage can be loaded while maintaining a stable posture.

  • Cutting edge technology with a more intuitive user interfaceThe new Outback is equipped as standard with a large 11.6 inch touch screen display arranged vertically on the center console featuring the most advanced infotainment system for Subaru, with a newly designed Human Machine Interface that helps drivers to control vehicle setting and connect to smartphone devices. The infotainment system allows smartphone integration connectivity with Apple CarPlay*2, Android AutoTM*3 for more user convenience.

    Besides its safety features, the Driver Monitoring System also delivers convenience with the facial recognition camera identifying individuals in the driver seat and automatically adjusting settings for seat position, door mirror angles and air-conditioning preferences.

  • Enhanced off-road capability

The improved engine performance offers more power for acceleration as well as driving on rough terrain, so drivers can enjoy SUV performance in all driving scenarios.

The toughest Outback built to date, comes with a new X-Mode with dual functions of “snow/dirt” mode and “Snow/mud” mode for additional off-road capability.

It offers excellent road clearance for a wider range of activities, with an increased ground clearance of now 213mm, and an approach of 19.7° and of 22.6° departure angles (JIS) and ramp break over angle of 21.0°.

It boasts a 2000 kg towing capacity to enable high performance towing and control.

The SGP brings significant enhancement to the body and chassis rigidity (front lateral flexural rigidity +90%, torsional rigidity +70%, front suspension rigidity +70%, rear sub frame rigidity +100%).

A rear view camera washer has been added so that the camera lens is always clear of dirt, mud and grime.

  • All new refined design from ground up

Following Subaru’s design philosophy “Dynamic x Solid”, the exterior design of Outback is more rugged, based on the design concept “Active & Tough”, through dynamic silhouettes and window lines, and through solidarity, depth, and power from the window trim down. Wider fenders, large hexagonal grille, front cladding and vertically laid out LED fog lights on the corners emphasize the SUV’s capability.

The new model features a redesigned interior with carefully selected materials for high-quality feel throughout the entire cabin. Enlarged windshield and long line motif extended from the center of the instrument panel to the door panels express a relaxed and open atmosphere of the cabin space. The new Outback offers a variety of seats options, from Nappa leather seats for a more luxurious feel, to water-repellant, durable StarTex material to allow more active use, such as sitting on the seats when still wet from water activities

The all-new Outback is offered in two gradesTouring and Field and its unique character is also expressed through the newly and specially designed exterior colors, “Autumn Green Metallic” and “Brilliant Bronze Metallic”.