Starting out as an antifreeze company in 1937, Mopar (derived from a contraction of MOtar and PARts) has come a long way. It has established its name as a parts and service company  and is part of the FA Vehicles globally. It has a legacy of supplying performance parts that improved speed that was used in both on road and racing cars. Continuing its legacy of enhancing performance., Mopar has started to offer multi-functionality and utility of full size trucks for the world renounced cargo management and storage leader,  Ram Trucks

The Ram 1500s are the exclusive series to have this multi functionality tailgate  of a  retractable centre mounted bed step. This is one of a kind in all pickups and is factory backed. This will provide the customer ultimate flexibility to access the cargo without any compromises.

In pickups, there has always been slight difficulty in loading and unloading cargo. But with this new multifunctional tailgate feature in Ram 1500s, it has an unique 60/40 split swing-away door which will open at an angle of 88 degrees and makes the whole loading and unloading process of heavy cargo swift and smooth. It always is easier to clean and also allows for easier forklift.

Anyone stepping on will have a  strong foothold with the easy to deploy the new Mopar bed step  under the rear bumper.  According to the Head of Mopar Service, Parts and Customer Care, FCA – North America., Mark Bosanac said, “Mopar offers more than 600 quality-tested, factory-backed parts and accessories across the entire Ram lineup.” Adding to this, he said,  “Our retractable bed step further enhances the convenience and utility of Ram’s industry-leading cargo management and storage system.”

This one of its kind bed step from Mopar (Part # 82216265AB) is specifically designed for the multifunction tailgate  and is comprised of high strength aluminum with a black e-coat  finish and will have the manufacturer’s suggested price as $395 or close to Rs. 29,000 back home in India.

Some of the additional features of this latest bed step which is manufactured by Ram factory and designed by Mopar are-

  1. The new Ram 1500 with standard tailgate: Mopar bed step would lower down for easy access and is retracted back to stored position within the bumper. The step’s load-rated is  up to 350 pounds  (MSRP: $365 or close to Rs. 27,000)
  2. In the Ram 1500 Classic, the Mopar bed step will swings out from the driver’s side corner of the rear bumper and retracts back to its stored position. This is designed to fit single or dual-exhaust models, the step is load-rated up to 300 pounds ( Cost- $304 or Rs. 22,400 in Indian Rupees)
  3. In Heavy Duty models from Ram, Mopar bed step is manufactured from high-strength aluminum with a black powder-coat finish and load-rated to support up to 350 pounds. Similar to all Mopar bed steps, it will lowers down for easy access and retracts back under the rear bumper while it is not being used. This is similarly priced as the new Ram 1500 with price Tag of $365 or Rs. 27,000

With this new exciting development in the cargo trucks, it remains to be seen how Ram 1500 perform against others in the same category.



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