New Delhi – 27th November’2020:  With India’s grand festive season just coming to an end, Spinny, a front-running full-stack used cars platform has seen a surge in sales. With the right product, an attractive price point, extra care initiatives, and an unstinting, thorough overhaul of standard used-car prices existing in the industry, Spinny has recorded sales of over 6000+ cars till October 2020. With a 20% increase in sales vis-à-vis last year, the platform registered a sale of 1000+ cars during the peak of the festive season from the last week of October to mid-November. Additionally, Since May 2020, Spinny has observed a 30% increase in demand for used cars on its platform.

Throughout the Diwali period, more than a thousand urban Indians, 80% of them under the age of 35, have safely test-driven and purchased Spinny cars with thorough satisfaction. This wholehearted car-buying experience can be attributed to the brand’s emphasis on additional care with its ‘Extra Care’ initiatives that make Spinny’s Home Test Drives and Home Delivery of vehicles extra safe with all necessary sanitary measures in place. The surge in sales and customer satisfaction is also due to Spinny’s overhauling of perceptions and general stigma when it comes to the term ‘used car’.

With the pandemic ruling out public transport owing to safety concerns, people have increasingly begun to prefer personal mobility solutions and the used-car market has proven to be a viable option. Against this backdrop, Spinny’s assured quality, safety and sanitization measures, and fixed pricing have been fervently welcomed by happy customers.

Speaking on this, Niraj Singh, Co-Founder of Spinny said, “With our emphasis on quality and the extra mile we go to ensure that every vehicle is Spinny Assured, India trusts Spinny and our customers are assured about our inventory online and the cars in our hubs. They are warming up to our squad’s vast knowledge base and penchant for being customer-centric in every aspect. This festive season brought a major uptick in demand for used cars as opposed to the traditional concept of buying a new car. From day one, we have realized that customer trust is the cornerstone of our business and we have always been committed to building a strong relationship with them to establish trust.”

He added that “Today’s car-buyers are digitally proficient and demand value for money and enjoy honesty, relatability, and reliability over transactional corporate interactions. This is where Spinny has an edge over other players in the market, in addition to leaving no stone unturned to ensure customers have a delightful car-buying experience.

Over 50% of all Spinny cars sold falls within the INR 5 lakhs-7lakhs bracket and Bengaluru, the mecca of the new urbanity, accounts for more than 50% of the sales. This is followed by Delhi NCR which constitutes 35% and the remaining sales came from Pune and Hyderabad. Currently operational in 6 localities including Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune, Spinny is all set to expand its footprint to Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad – plans which were put on hold due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns.