If you are an automotive enthusiast and keen to develop your career in the same then this is ‘just’ for you. Very recently, the newest invention from Skoda’s vocational school is a roadster motivated by a series of 1970s projects where learners often struggled to create special one-off cars, shines as UK media test Slavia.   

As we all know, that from the very beginning six years ago, the Škoda Student Car program has produced some remarkable cars.  Skoda Scala, the brand’s first true one is highly trending these days for making its UK premiere as leading British media by taking to the road at Millbrook Proving Ground in the seventh Škoda Student Car.

However, it is not for production, but just for the exhibition.  Recently, the automaker has officially introduced the car’s striking design, giving detailed attention to its artisanship.  And, you will be more amazed to know that in order to display the tremendous quality of training at the Škoda Academy; 31 students of the vocational school in Mladá Boleslav themselves  engineered all the cars of the company.  So much talent!

Even the story behind these cars is also inspirational.  These students from the Škoda vocational school managed to highlight the company’s anniversary year.  Surprisingly, the founders Václav Klement and Václav Laurin began this fantastic business together, mending bicycles 125 years ago.  And soon the mates created their own bikes, fortunately marketing them from 1896 onwards.  In addition, the students only for their own dream car embraced this brand name Slavia.

This is not enough!  From first plans to creating this one-off car, these hardworking students performed every step themselves. And these brilliant students did everything starting from the Design, Technical Development, and Production with support from Škoda experts and their trainers as well.  In addition, since 2014, this, the seventh Škoda Student Car, now, once again displays the high model at the Škoda vocational school.

Therefore, these students have a bright future for sure.  The Škoda Slavia, they have developed is a classic two-seater Spider, which is extremely emotive, effective, and open-topped.  It is the first Škoda Scala Student Car, embodying a spirited, fresh, and cheerful attitude.

We just can say that, Although few were ever officially documented in the way they are at present, the basis of granting apprentices to build fully drivable thoughtful cars is at the heart of the modern-era Student Car project which is provided by Škoda Slavia.  In addition, they are really doing a good job and we are proud of it.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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