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Batmobile is one of the most, if not the most, iconic and most recognised means of transport in the superhero subgenre as well as in comic/ cinema fiction as a whole. Built and driven by the ultra-famous vigilante superhero Batman, this vehicle is a symbol in itself.

Citizens of Gotham have their own share of watching the Batmobile pace down its roads but such sightings in the real world as still as rare as ever. For years fans have been creating replicas of the original model and added their own personal touches to it. One such replica was spotted in Mumbai and though the vehicle was covered in dust, it was easy to make out that it was indeed a Batmobile replica. Having piqued our curiosity, we started digging and here’s what we discovered.

Placed somewhere in the MIDC Andheri East area, the Batmobile replica can be easily spotted on a ramp on the side of the road. The locals are so used to seeing the vehicle placed at that particular spot that it has basically become a local landmark, visible every day during their daily commute. The Batmobile has been situated opposite to the Seepz Complex Gate No. 1 and is pretty easy to find. Most Batmobiles are made from the refashioned bodies of high-performance cars while others are built from scratch.

A road-legal kerosene-run Batmobile, fitted with a 400 hp Boeing turboshaft engine and 4-speed semi AMT was recently put up for sale with the revived hype of Robert Pattinson playing the new Batman. Though the Mumbai Batmobile appears to be just a promotional display shell; the model is a beautiful example of the customisation expertise and craftsmanship of its creators and is situated at the entrance of the Mumbai-based car personalisation company- Executive ModCar Trendz. Company also sold Batmobile body at Rs. 10.80 lakh.

The company has an impressive portfolio of customised vehicles for their customers. As it turns out, the popular Pune-based Batmobile, owned by industrial magnate Adar Poonawalla, was also created by Executive ModCar Trendz. The refashioned Mercedes S 350 took over 15 months for completion and an expense of 40 lakh rupees later the vehicle looked so much like its original counterpart that it is hard to believe it was made for a six year old kid. The shell Batmobile ensures customers that they are leaving their cars in safe hands and that the customisation will be satisfactory.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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