Another week, another Bollywood celebrity blows off to the UAE.  Bollywood actor Sanya Malhotra has docked in Dubai and took to her Instagram to share a picture where posing against a ‘Yellow gyrocopter’ as she got her initial stop at Skydive Dubai.

With all its glitz and glamour, Dubai has found its way into the hearts of stars we know and admire.  It is no mystery that Dubai is a bit of a celebrity stomping ground.  From global sports champs to Bollywood A-listers, you never comprehend whom you are going to strike at The Dubai. The purpose of their visit is willing…from luxury resorts and fun hot places to photoshoot atop a camel, Dubai has it all.

Well, a look at her recent chic picture from Instagram is enough to show that Sanya is not the cutey we believed her to be; in fact, she is quite a frenzy amongst her fans and a fashionista in her own.  Are we right or are we right?

And, if her current trip is anything to go by, we are instantly going to get a new fashion diva.  She killed off the classy look with a plain sexy black outfit, complimenting in a plain yet adorable bun.  Moreover, from here, she cut away from the ‘cute’ image that has clung to her since the time she began her Bollywood career.

The Dangle actor took to her Instagram to post a picture posing against a gyrocopter as she earned her first stay at Skydive Dubai.  Her insta post, which goes out to her 1 million fans, shows her first stop was Skydive Dubai.  In the posts, the actor can be seen undergoing the thrill of a gyrocopter flying over the iconic Palm and Burj Al Arab area in Dubai.

And if you are also getting tempted while looking at the pictures and her insta stories, and thus, looking for a breathtaking adventure that’s more like to the ground, why not experience the Skyhub’s Gyrocopter.  The two-seat, freakish aircraft abandons an elite experience at 1,500 ft., as one of their committed pilots will pilot you.

While let us, tell you that an autogyro is also known as a gyrocopter or gyroplane, and it is a type of rotorcraft that practices an unpowered rotor in free autorotation to improve or to develop the lift.  The achievement of the autogyro earned the interest of owners and from Cierva in the 1920s and 1930s.

Also, plus brownie points for you all during this Xmas. The company has even added a couple of new packages you can take profit from until the end of this year, including the price of a single Gyrocopter flight remains AED 999 (INR 20,088).

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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