Small, affordable and comfortable?  With #leftfree clutch less, the Venue is Hyundai’s drug – its humblest, most affordable SUV offering, which is created to welcome people before they step up to bigger, and more costly, vehicles.  That sounds a lot like our lately turned Cars Guide’s Sania Mirza, who is also an avid social media user, known to share sights of her life with fans on Instagram.

What you make of the Hyundai Venue IMT widely depends on your, erm, venue.  And naturally, that is the kind of gruesome pun that makes a parent joke seem like a champagne parody, but stick with us for a moment.  So, now we have ace-tennis player Sania Mirza added in the fans list of Hyundai Venue IMT, sharing her experience about the car.  Let’s join her…

The Venue, you would have to think; will be driven almost exclusively in every known urban centers, and its here that it seriously radiates.  Sania Mirza recently shared her take about the Venue via a short video on her Instagram handle.  The tennis star was seen sharing the glimpse of her car while driving to her practice regime.  While driving, the engine seems smooth and unassuming as she climbs to speed through its gears with least fuss, too.  Like her, who wouldn’t get impressed by a straightforward engine line-up?

More good essence?  It is still in the cabin, and the center screen is not only large, clear and simple to use, but also makes the Venue IMT a nicer, more stylish-feeling area to spend time than the more fundamental one.  Originally, you bungle a little, particularly mistaking it with an automated one.  The most significant change in the cabin the lack of a clutch pedal.  You may contemplate it as a semi-automatic as the gear is manageable and the process of touching the clutch is completely done away with.  That is how; it does not bother the mother-of-one, who uses only her right leg while driving, and thus this will not let it suffer pain throughout her practice.  Life is so easy with Hyundai venue IMT.

Short response?  The ride is divine, even over unexpected rough spots or mid-corner hits.  In fact, the steering and handling setting is so remarkable that you will genuinely find yourself smiling on a twisting road and yearning for more power or control from that engine.  Stop the car without changing the gear, and the combustion does not cut off.  That is the most important of IMT markedly in the initial stage of getting used to transmission.

Happily, therefore, coming with the price of Rs. 1,027,060 (New Delhi), The Hyundai venue IMT is a step up in more than just its ride height.


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