With Twingo Electric, Renault‘s iconic small city car is going to offer in all new electric engine. The credit goes to this new offering goes to the new mode of propulsion and turning off, which will in turn provide even greater driving pleasure and comfort.

Twingo has continuously reinvented itself in line with changing needs. Since its first appearance in 1992 and after 3 generations, Twingo has broken new ground with launch of its all-electric version after 4 million cars sold in 25 countries.

Renault has leverage its extensive knowledge in auto manufacturing to build electric car that is suited to the needs of small city car users. Twingo electric takes its ancestors fun design and exclusive customisation possibilities and combine with environmental sustainability. Concerned about convenience and pleasure, it has best-in-class turning radius with the mammoth 22 kWh battery which can last for a week zipping around the city on a single charge and also 4 x fast charge then its competitors.

In response to the changing demand in the small city car segment, where the drivers are looking for compact size, practicality, fuel efficient and eco friendly. Twingo Electric is the obvious ideal solution.

Exterior beauty

The latest-generation Twingo electric outclass its competitors in terms of style, design and features.

The list starts with its sculpted front bumpers for enhance aerodynamics and C-shaped LED embedded headlights, nevertheless combine to give Twingo Electric a variety of customisation options

Interior style and beauty

Still as roomy and functional as before, Twingo Electric looks small in terms of the exterior and spacious inside with signature customisation packages for panel strips, air vent contour and steering wheel spokes; followed by 7 inch colour touchscreen gives access to all Renault Easy Connect services, unique in the segment.

Vibes limited edition

Twingo Electric is also being launched in a limited vibes edition, available with any engine. The dazzling edition boast with its dynamic and distinctive looks and exclusive features, like the colour variant of orange Valencia plus 6 other colours , followed by features and ton of customisation and exclusive exterior and interior.

Like mitochondria which is the powerhouse of living cell, Twingo Electric comes with its 22 kWh battery with latest generation lithium-ion cells developed in partnership with LG chem, and fitted with the chaméléon charger gives it a four times accelerated charging. An electric R80 engine with a capacity of 60 kW and immediate maximum torque of 160 Nm for a strong and silent acceleration. The 135 kilometre per hour top speed allows for all all expressway or motorway travel.

Already highly popular for its driveability and turning radius, Twingo Electric gives user and even more energize driving experience, thus more “fun” in every “turn”. Twingo Electric comes with specific driving mode gears with EDC six- speed automatic transmission with its electrifying responsive engine.

The new automobile is highly responsive electric motor further emphasise the cars dynamic characters. Its compact size and agility provides the best-in-class turning radius of only 8.6 metres for making a U-turn. Twingo Electric allows driver to adapt there driving to traffic conditions and types of road by choosing from three regenerative braking levels (B1,B2,B3) for enhance driving comfort and reduces the need for braking.

The freedom of movement refers to worry less driving without recharging and still delivers a week of city driving with its 22 kWh battery and has a range of upto 270 kilometres in WLTP city cycle, and also have a “eco” mode activated by pushing a button. This is what Twingo Electric promises with every drive, freedom of movement.

The chaméléon® charger patented by Renault, Twingo Electric can be charged at home, at work or using alternating current. Power which enables it to adapt to the power available yet it charges 4 times faster than its competitors, and the water cooling system ensures that the battery is at optimum operating temperature. Twingo is going electric without changing its roominess, modularity and its features for an even greater practicality and comfort.

The features include Renault Easy Connect and also offers the My Renault app which allow drivers to schedule car’s charging cycle and control the temperature followed by a journey planner, payment pass, navigation and display charging station on the map.

Debojyoti Sinha

Debojyoti Sinha

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