The vehicle is a very popular commercial van in Europe and other countries.

The French Automaker, Renault might be considering entering the luxury vehicle segment, and the Trafic MPV might be the perfect choice for India. The car is a model introduced in 1980, and is also sold by Open, Vauxhall, Fiat, Nissan and Mitsubishi and was even sold as the Tata Winger in India for a certain period of time. The latest generation Trafic is a much premium vehicle compared to the older generations and might be able to help Renault capture some market.

The Trafic has a slightly unusual design, amongst MPVs with the raised cockpit exterior and design lines, this is mainly because the vehicle is mainly intended as a cargo hauler and has a separated cabin and cargo area, some elements of this design is carried into the passenger version as well. Especially notable is the curved pillar and roof line at the front which then straightens out, the grille is contemporary Renault with chrome garnish and LED headlamps.

The car is available as a Long wheelbase variant too, which gives it a more comfort oriented interior design, and with this you get two rows of full size seats and a lot of space, or lesser seats if a large number is not the priority. The car gets a basic touch infotainment system with Bluetooth and smart storage spaces, heated seats, lumbar and height adjustable driver seats, automated headlamps and wipers, climate control for the front cabin and manually controllable rear AC.

The car may actually be a smartly poised against the Toyota Innova Crysta and the Kia Carnival, both of which are unique vehicles in their classes. The size and the multiple features offered in the car might be a plus point for it, but the vehicle is priced at almost 27,000 Pounds in the UK and that means it will cost closer to INR 50 Lakhs if imported as a CBU, and this might pose a massive issue for the car. The Trafic while offering a lot of features that may be premium in India, are standard for European vehicles, and therefore lacks behind in a lot of features that Indians tend to prefer like upmarket interiors and good infotainment systems. Even Toyota Vellfire is shining at price of Rs. 1 crore between high profile CEOs of India.

The Trafic might be a smart and capable choice for Renault if it can be priced properly while getting some updates on the comforts and cabin feel as it still retains a lot of its properties of being a cargo hauler rather than a comfort oriented MPV.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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