Renault has been keeping track of the emerging trends in the mobility industry and hence designed the Morphoz earlier this year, a modular electric concept car which paves the way forward for Renault in the world of new mobility. Renault is showcasing its new modular EV platform CMF-EV, which the French automaker has termed as pioneering technology, which has been displayed in the Megane eVision.

The hatchback features one of the thinnest batteries ever fitted to a car and a new ultra compact powertrain which maximises the space inside the car, the Megane eVision has been packed with everything the automaker and its subsidiary companies have to offer in the world of electric mobility, breaking away from the monotonous design and usability of the present generation of electric vehicles.

Speaking on the car’s introduction to the world, Renault Groupe boss, Luca De Meo said, “The Mégane eVision is a masterpiece of packaging! We took our 25-year best-seller and took it to the future. Mégane eVision reinvents Mégane, and Renault reinvents Renault. This is just the beginning; a whole new generation of innovation-packed electric vehicles is to come.”

Renault has a decade of experience in designing EVs and mass producing them with its host of 30,000 employees across Europe trained in design and production of Electric Vehicles. It is the EV sales leader in Europe with 300,000 EVs being sold ever since 2010. Megane eVision is a car that means to fill tick multiple boxes in terms of mobility and its purpose as an EV by being a versatile vehicle which means to be used by people for different purposes, the car is the first in a line of vehicles from Renault which will feature cutting-edge connected service and be a part of the tectonic shift in electric vehicle segment.

Renault’s electric vehicles will be built on the new modular CMF-EV platform designed in partnership between Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, making a global move for the shift in EV platform. The platform features smaller engine compartments, and extended wheelbase with wheels placed further towards the corners of the body which allow for larger cabin room. The frame features a low centre of gravity due to the floor battery compartment which increases the sportiness.

Megane eVision overcomes the battery size barrier by having a special ultra thin 60 kWh battery, which keeps the overall dimensions of the car down while able to cram in more electrical juice, about 281 miles of range on a charge. The fast DC charger rated up to 130kW charges the car in a quick time, which gives it the range and practicality of higher-end EVs for long journeys while maintaining its compact composure.

Renault has taken bold steps by releasing their all-electric hatchback and naming it Megane, an already very successful conventionally powered hatchback which came in other body types. The 217hp motor powering the front wheels can propel the car to a 100kmphm in less than eight seconds and because the modular platform allows for rear motor space, higher performance versions may come in the future.

De Meo has stated that the company will have cut half of their CO2 emissions in 2030 and by 2050 it will be completely gone.

Technical features –

Length: 4,210 mm
Width: 1,800 mm
Height: 1,505 mm
Wheelbase: 2,700 mm
Wheels: 20 inches
Tyres: Continental 245/40 ZR 20
Weight: 1650 kg
Engine: 160 kW (217 hp) wound-rotor electric engine
Transmission: 4×2
Drive: Front-wheel
Charge: AC up to 22 kW, DC up to 130 kW
Batteries: 60 kWh – 400V

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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