Maserati’ and ‘affordable’- two words that are so rarely used together they are considered almost mutually exclusive. But an ‘affordable Maserati’ however rare is not immune to exceptions and BBT has proved that.

At a price of INR 57 lakhs, a Big Boy Toyz certified Maserati GranTurismo is available for purchase. Though the vehicle is second hand and is now looking for a third owner, its condition looks anything but old. Like all other exotic cars in the market, this 2011 registered Maserati GT will have buyers competing for a chance at adding this to their personal garages.

The Italian automaker is known for its luxury automobiles and the GranTurismo is one of its most, if not the most, popular flagships. The ‘for sale’ Maserati has a beautiful Rosso Trionfale finishing on the outside while its mono tone Nero interior sports all the Maserati in-car tech. The vehicle’s rear wheel drivetrain is supported by a powertrain that runs on petrol. The coupe’s bonnet hosts a 4691 cc, Naturally Aspirated, V8, DOHC engine coupled with a 6-speed ZF automatic transmission that deliver humongous power levels to this absolute beast of a vehicle.

The GranTurismo’s peak performance is 439 ps/ 433 bhp @ 7000 rpm power and torque at 490 Nm @ 4750 rpm. The vehicle has done only 13,500 km and does not come with a warranty while its next service date is just a few months away. The dual door coupe seats a maximum of four passengers at a time and comes with an array of interior comfort and convenience features befitting the reputation of this luxury car manufacturer. It hosts the Maserati Stability Program and the Maserati Multimedia System accessible through a 7-inch in-dashboard screen which offers features like navigation, RDS tuner, single-CD player and voice control etc.

At additional costs, customers can also add options like 20 inch Neptune alloy wheels, red coloured floor mats, and red contrast stitching etc. to their Maserati GT model. The model for sale is a used vehicle and it is natural to consider buying a brand new car for a price as large as this. Some alternatives available at a price range of INR 57 lakhs are Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine, Audi A4, Jaguar XE, BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, Volvo S60 and Mini Clubman.

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Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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