One of the most effective methods of turning a car into a real eye-catcher with relatively little effort and for a reasonable amount of money is a new wrapping, in a striking color or, ideally, even in an elaborate, multi-colored design. This is exactly what happened with this Ford Focus ST of the current model generation. The vehicle also received a few other refinements such as a highquality set of rims from Barracuda Racing Wheels.

The compact sports car stands on Project 2.0 alloy wheels from the Ultralight Series from Barracuda, which are extremely lightweight thanks to production using the modern flow forming process: they weigh just 9.3 kilograms in the 8.5×19 inch dimension used here. The associated tires measure 235/35R19. The rims in gunmetal are real eye-catchers thanks to their trimline in red placed behind the ten narrow spokes in the rim base.

The Barracuda Racing Bolts used to fix the wheels to the axles are also made in red. And the color can also be found next to white, gray and black on the aforementioned full film, which was created using the digital printing process and implemented and applied by Schwabenfolia. The lowering by 45 millimeters at the front and 40 millimeters at the rear, which harmoniously rounds off the optical refinement, is due to a variant 3 coilover kit from KW. Last but not least, the Ford Focus ST received a new sports exhaust system from the specialists at Friedrich Motorsport, which gives it a significantly more powerful and robust sound that perfectly matches its dynamic appearance