Earlier we learned about the rare 1989 Ford Via Concept by Ghia today we bring you this 1996 Ford Ghia Vivace, it’s a one-off concept car developed by Ford in alliance with Ghia as an exercise in experimenting with aluminum space frame design techniques. This concept was built around the Ford Mondeo platform, although no drivetrain or steering components are fitted, and the doors do not open. The car was acquired by the seller in 2019 and features a fiberglass body finished in yellow, a brown fabric deck in place of the interior, and unique wheel coverings. This rolling Ford/Ghia display car is now offered at no reserve on a bill of sale in New York.

The fiberglass body is finished in yellow and features a two-door coupe design, although the doors do not open. Styling cues include a pass-through front grille, amber front side markers, fog lights, non-functional dual exhaust outlets, both Ford and Ghia emblems, and a sweeping rear deck that incorporates an enclosed Ghia Vivace nameplate. Scratches, paint chips, and cracks are visible on the nose, and the right-rear quarter panel is cracked. The side-view mirrors have marks from adhesive.

17″ wheels feature unique wheel covers and wear Pirelli P700 tires. The car is not equipped with steering gear and is maneuvered on wheel dollies. The wheel covers are scratched.

The 2+2 interior design features a brown fabric deck with a partial steering wheel and seat backs, none of which are functional. The interior is not accessible through the doors.

The car lacks an engine and transmission, and the body sits atop a boxed steel frame. A narrated walk-around video detailing the exterior blemishes can be viewed above.

To purchase contact: mail@bringatrailer.com