It is always an exciting moment when you actually needed a trailer to reclaim most of what they have posted and then you actually witness the same.  Oh yes, we are not in a mood to joke around.  Finally, they are getting back to their origins, and this time with an M4A1 Grizzly tank that is ready with a bill of sale in California.

It is not surprising for some impressive vehicles to pop up for sale at Bring a Trailer.  Still, this is unlike anything we have noticed on the website before.  It is, as the title displays, an M4A1 Grizzly tank is now offered as an auction on behalf of its owner in California.

The listing says that the M4A1 Grizzly is built with a cast, single-piece uppermost hull that is joined to an armor-plated hull and is colored in a shade of ‘Olive Drab’.  It is considered one of 20 operational M4A1 tanks in occurrence.  Isn’t that shocking to know?

So, now, up for sale is a 1943 M4A1 Grizzly, which is an adoption of the Sherman medium tank that was produced in Canada in 1943.  This tank has a Continental-built Wright Whirlwind 975-cubic-inch along with a nine-cylinder engine secured to a five-speed standard transmission.  In addition, there is a single updraft carburetor supplied by dual top-mounted intakes that permit the tank to have a 40-inch depth.

So how does the transmission device work?  The transmission device is there which lies in the front of the tank, so a prop shaft from the rear engine operates through the center in an enclosed housing.  Meanwhile, the top cast hull of the tank is fixed to the armor-plated lower hull, and a turret of the tank rests on top.

According to Bring a Trailer, a team of five men guarded this M4A1 Grizzly tank.  The team consists of three men in the turret and a driver at the front left next to the machine gunner.  A dual-position seat enables thou to drive the tank with the hatch, no matter it is closed or open.  Since, its controlling powers have a foot throttle, foot clutch, and double yet distinct brake steering bars.

Simultaneously, the 75-mm main gun was demilitarized, but the tank still has amazing firepower.  This means, there is propane .50-caliber replica machine gun on the turret while on the forward hull; we have a dummy .30-caliber machine gun as well.

If you are interested in buying a tank and let’s be frank, who is not?—this one is a surprisingly admirable example.  It has been freshly repainted inside and out, and the retailer maintained its most important parts, including the brakes,   six spiked road wheels, and engine.  There seems to have been deteriorated repair to the front left edge of the hull, the stones are missing from the hatch and hull, and the white serial numbers aren’t new.  However, all of those problems are moderate and minor considering a tank’s expected use. So don’t worry!

The tank is inhabited in California and is proposed with a bill of sale.  Sadly, it shares one chief thing in common with the unbearable low-mileage garage rulers that Bring a Trailer is notorious for a high price. At the time of this writing, so technically, with nine days still left for the sale, this notorious tank is up to $350,000 (INR 2,60,30,025).

Therefore, we hope all their prospective tank buyers must be having deep pockets.  Let us keep those chill vibes going on.

Well, you can view more photos of the M4A1 Grizzly in order to gift yourself or your loved ones with the best Christmas gift ever with Bring a Trailer.

Siddhika Prajapati

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