2020 Audi Q2 available in India


Rethinking the sporty dynamic of SQ2, Audi has made this SUV into an even sportier model. Focusing on ‘individualists’ as its selling audience, it would be interesting to see if this new avatar of SQ2 SUV appeals to its market group of interest, as it did before. Launching at a presale price of INR 40 Lakhs (EUR 45,700), it is scheduled to reach its customers in early 2021.

The car was already a well-known example in the automobile scene due to its strong and eye-catching aura. Now, having undergone various enhancements and additions, Audi has aimed at increasing its appeal even more- be it visually or output-wise. It owes its sporty compact SUV appeal to the new exterior characteristics as well as performance figures that speak for themselves. Here’s a brief look into all that has changed for the SQ2- a favourite of the free-spirited customer.

Its engine, the 2.0 TFSI has a power output of 221 kW and propels the vehicle from zero to hundred in a minute 4.9 seconds. Making use of advanced technicalities, the car maker has drastically increased its power based performance and productivity. By means of sophisticated systems like Audi valvelift system (AVS) and thermal management, it has not only made power flow smoother but has also reduced emissions to remain in the Euro 6 AP standard. Other driving feature that delivers performance as well as efficiency is the seven-speed S tronic, featured as a standard on the SUV top model. It offers SQ2’s trademark sporty output while lessening fuel usage upwards till the seventh gear. The revised SUV also comes in a quattro four-wheel drive that adds overall control and stability to the vehicle. Audi has provided both driver’s enjoyment as well as driving comfort with these two features.

Driving preferences, fuel consumption, safety and all the other factors that make this car special to individualists have made appearances in its complete bodywork. A well-suited match for city traffic and narrow streets, the suspension has helped in making it easier to move this SUV around such conditions. The steering can also be changed according to its Audi drive select dynamic handling system which offers ‘auto’, ‘comfort’, ‘dynamic’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘individual’ modes. Additionally, the Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) works wonders for those looking to spice up their daily travels with some off-roading. What better could a sporty SUV offer than both a comfortable freeway drive and an off-road experience whenever needed?

A power packed car, the vehicle also makes an immediate impression after a single look. This is because of its more edgy new look, dominated by angular features. Equipped with Audi’s symbolic LED headlights, one could tell even from a distance that the vehicle is indeed an Audi model. Offering a variety of exterior colour options, the car comes with ten standard shades along with a Manhattan gray contrast option. Its outer body, angular characteristics, contrast paint job and black detailing make for an SUV that generously flaunts its dynamic charisma.

The inside features a darker palette with high-quality materials for a more elegant look. Audi clients are free to choose between a pure leather upholstery or make various leather and fabric combinations as per their preferences. Fitted with typical Audi features from interior display and infotainment to Audi connect emergency call & service, it offers all the new innovations and older Audi special systems.

Additional safety features like cruise assist and traffic sign recognition are useful add-ons to the entire sporty Audi SQ2 package.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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