Porsche fanatics have a unique relation with Porsche cars. For any car enthusiast out there, the sweet roar of their favourite car’s engine is nothing less than an angel playing a sugary melody in their ears. Something similar happened to producer, instrumentalist and DJ Gene Shill when he witnessed the Carrera Cup Asia races at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2010. Inspiration hit and he forged ahead on his journey to take raw engine sounds and turn them into dancefloor tunes. The catalyst for Shill’s unique actions was the deep roar produced by the 911 GT3 Cup cars from Porsche.

A real automobile devotee is able to recognize the low purr of any engine with no effort at all. It seems like this was also true for DJ Gene Shill because when asked about his experience and how he gained such motivation from it, he said, “Craig Baird was racing Carrera Cup Asia and from where I was sitting, the sound of the cars was reverberating off the walls and the water,” he then added, “That’s when I started to capture the sounds on my phone and put them into the digital audio workstation to cut into samples.” After experimenting with the captured tunes for a while, he discovered that modified and enhanced engine notes at a distinct frequency, sounded musical. He then expertly combined all the engine notes, pit lane sounds and the crowd recordings to make music one could dance to.

In reference to how he started working on his phenomenal project and the process of finally creating music, he said, “The most important thing before you can start composing a tune is to build each texture. It’s really important to synthesise the sounds that will then replicate the noises we recognise, before you begin to build the track,” sounding extremely enthusiastic about his latest venture, he also added, “Then you’ve got to think about the harmony and context as well. You have the sample and the context, and then you put the two together to build the textures, so it’s still recognisable – although at first it may not sound like one, it is in fact Porsche. That is a big thing.” After working with some of the biggest names and recording labels in the music industry, his engine music is definitely the most outrageous plans he has toiled with.

The internationally famous DJ also said, “Composing a track is such a unique experience. As with every singer, every race track or driver could have their own unique song, because of the way they drive and the sounds that the car produces as a result of track layout or driver behaviour.” As for the Porsche cars and their sounds he had chosen, Shill only had good things to say about it, “For me there is no other car, no other manufacturer that creates a sound like a Porsche. I’ve tried and sampled others, but they don’t compare.” No matter how different his vision was, one can definitely say that he has created something truly masterful, a form of music that brings a smile to one’s face upon hearing a familiar engine while simultaneously bopping their heads to the song.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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