Porsche Taycan has become a vital part of Porsche’s driving programmes from Full on Track Experience to Ice Experience in Finland. As the world adapts to new electric vehicles being purchases and driven around, the accompanying infrastructure for these vehicles is still limited.  The biggest problem that comes is to where would these Electric Sports Cars would be charged from while talking about they becoming the norm? But Porsche came up with an innovative idea of introducing a fleet of mobile truck chargers around with them to all these events and can be also called up on demand for charging of these electrical cars.

This idea came into being in Hungaroring in Budapest which is a special venue foor Porche Truck Expeience and  the “Soul on Track”  provided the place and time for the customers to check out the new Taycan. But with this event, came the problem of where will these vehicles be charged and the accompanying infrastructure was lacking. Hence this innovative solution of having a truck that can charge upto 30 Taycan cars. These are 7 of these special mobile charging trucks as of now.

These trucks come with a power rating of 3.2 megawatts, ten Taycan can be charged simultaneously at maximum speed. The battery buffer storage unit has a capacity of 2.1 megawatt hours also 30 Taycans can be charged when the mobile chargers are connected to a power grid these mobile charger trucks can also get recharged in just 4 hours when connected to a power grid.

These ‘mobile’ Chargers are tried and tested by Porsche in multiple events and in extreme temperatures, “We have now used the trucks at numerous events all over Europe and have carried out around 5,000 charging operations – sometimes at extreme temperatures down to minus 40 degrees. Their performance has therefore been tried and tested,” says Ragnar Schulte, Director Experiential Marketing at Porsche.

Customers can try out this Taycan with the Porsche’s Experienceey Events. These new fleet of electric vehicle has established itself in the 2020 season as a part of the Porsche Track Experience. Kudos to Porsche for this very unique and cost effective idea for their sports cars it also helps in bringing more people towards Electric cars.