The book features some of the most unique and amazing concepts from the German carmaker, from a road going 919 to a centrally driven 6-seat urban mobility car.

Ever wondered what a road-legal version of the Le-Mans conquering Porsche 919 would look like? Porsche has answered this and several other dilemmas in a book titled “Porsche Unseen”, which features 15 cars which are unique in the manner that they have never been seen by anybody outside of the German marque’s design rooms. Three of these cars have been released online by Porsche, a unique insight into the design process used into the development of Iconic cars.

The articles are being published by Porsche Newsroom, an episode of 9:11 Magazine web TV also talks about the cars revealed and features Chief Designer Michael Mauer who speaks at length about the relation between the concepts which have been revealed and the on-road production models we have seen from Porsche in these years.

Being the most successful company at Le Mans with a total of 19 victories has resulted in fans urging Porsche to create road going versions of the pinnacle of endurance racing cars, Porsche however has only made the 918 Spyder hypercar which used hybrid technology that was developed due to Le Mans, the 919 Street however is the one that fans demanded. The model is made out of clay and is a life-size iteration of the car that was to be, based on the victorious 919 Hybrid the car was meant to give drivers around the world what it would feel to drive an LMP1 car on the roads. Powered by the same 900PS hybrid powertrain and enclosed within the same superlight carbon monocoque, with every dimension matching the race car. It would have made for a sweet Hypercar if Porsche had went ahead with the idea.

The second car that has been revealed is the Porsche Vision Spyder, an ode to the 1954 Porsche 550-1500 RS Spyder that pioneered the racing designs for over two decades. The Vision is bare of necessities, it has seats and a very lightness oriented cockpit which is open to the elements, the car served as a developing ground for design identity and ideation, like the naked protruding roll-bar. Even 911 GT2 RS fans will have to admit that this is a car that they would have loved to see on the track as well as the road, the open air track oriented cars from Porsche like the 918 Spyder have been widely loved.

The last car which has been released by Porsche online is the Vision “Renndienst”, this model is from 2018 and is a full scale hard model. The car is a futuristing take on family centric mobility solution featuring six seats. A “space shuttle” inspired design is Porsche’s take at using its design language and applying it at the creation of a unique vehicle segment. The cabin inside is modular and spacious designed to be used for longer travels. The driver’s seat is centrally positioned which means that passengers get unrestricted view of the surroundings, also due to the all-electric powertrain which is located beneath the floor. It is unique as it takes urban mobility with the flair the Stuttgart based maker is famous for.

The book is available at retailers, and has photography by Stefan Bogner and text by Jan Karl Baedeker, published by Delius Klasing Verlag.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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