The new video from BMW M stars young enthusiasts waking up to the news of “The Drop” arising to BMW M Town.  So he jumps in his E30 BMW M3 and goes out to see what the entire bustle is about.  After directing into M Town, he is absolutely barraged by M Division Easter Eggs; from current cars to iconic wheels.  And it’s an M unbelievable for fans to see.  For you as well?  Have a look!

When it comes to choosing the best model vehicles, the letters B, M, and W offer huge trustworthiness.  However, the extra words and numbers that match make all the variation.  Therefore, if you are a BMW fan and by any means have missed the video about the BMW’s M Town “The Drop” just yet, we must urge you to go and watch after the read.

In this short video, The Easter eggs reveal the M3 Touring totally undisguised, although we do not get to see the full car.  Rather, we have only presented the rear, which wears a different bumper design related to the current M340i Touring, with thinner side vents at the edges.  This switch allows the M3 Touring’s four pipes to be displayed more prominently, comparable to its M4 coupe siblings and of course sedan.

However, we see from the automotive scene where nearly every current BMW M model was seen.  The protagonist drives a red BMW E30 M3 from the BMW M Heritage.  There are even some of the unique one-off BMW M GmbH classics throughout history, such as the BMW M4 GTS, the M3 GTS, a BMW M3 CRT, and a BMW 1 Series M Coupe.  Surprisingly, there are also a few cameos from YouTubers, such as Remove before Race and Shmee150.  We will discuss them later!

While we do not get to see the face of the latest one, but according to an earlier teaser by BMW, we can be sure that the M3 Touring will get the same comprehensive, vertical grille as the newest M3 and M4.  Expect the same engine line-up too, the spectrum of high-performance vehicles ranges from the BMW M2 CS to the BMW M8 Gran Coupe in Competition spec along with X5M & X6M in stunning matt blue.  For now, we do not have an authentic debut date, but it looks like it is almost set for its reveal.

Getting back to the film, The Drop,   begins with a news announcement that “a drop” is around to take spot in town, with many residents in their M cars are waiting up for some attractive new rims, kind of like sneaker addicts obsessing up for a new pair of Yeezy sneakers.

The concentration then shifts to an unknown protagonist waking up to an alarm clock before jumping onto social media, where Shmee150 makes a debut.  Jumping into his E30 M3, he then kicks to the drop area, and we can see plenty of M cars out.  Another human besides Flasch and Shmee150 comes into the scene, who is the named Mr AMG ironically.

In the end, finally, the protagonist chooses some brightly colored M wheels and that is notable and significant.  However, along the way, we see some unusual bits like an Instagrammer who displays his car collection with giant teddies, a brass band making engine noises, a driver wearing a helmet with the name “Gercollector,” and a reference to a German car collector.  And much more!!

Check out the M cars featured in The Drop video and do tell us which one is your favorite.


Siddhika Prajapati

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