• Unique Battista Anniversario, the ultimate design expression of the most powerful road-legal Italian car ever made, makes its German debut
  • Automobili Pininfarina confirms new luxury retail experience at MOTORWORLD München, where the MOHR GROUP will act as its retail partner in the region for the pure-electric Battista hyper GT
  • Unique space will provide clients with an experience inspired by the company’s forthcoming Atelier facility at its Cambiano manufacturing centre
  • Development of the new luxury hyper GT is approaching the final stages as engineers continue to fine-tune the driving dynamics as part of a comprehensive global test programme

MÜNCHEN, 21 MAY 2021

The Battista hyper GT has made its München debut with the German premiere of the unique and limited-edition Battista Anniversario, as Automobili Pininfarina continues to expand its global retailer network. The pure-electric masterpiece will be presented at a new ‘centre of driving culture’ in Germany, with MOHR GROUP based in MOTORWORLD München announced as retailer partner for the Bavaria region.

The appointment of MOHR GROUP gives Automobili Pininfarina its first permanent, branded retailer space for the company outside Italy. MOHR GROUP clients will be offered a personal introduction to Battista in a space that features a lounge designed by Automobili Pininfarina, which is not only luxurious but also constructed of sustainable materials. Here, the 1,900hp Battista will be on permanent display.

The specially-designed area is inspired by the forthcoming Atelier facility at Automobili Pininfarina’s base in Cambiano, Italy – the home of Battista creation. The lounge in München includes an array of exquisite personalisation samples, ranging from exterior body colours and carbon fibre finishes, to brake calipers and wheelcap rings. Leather and lighting samples, stitching and embroidery and even the aluminium rotary controllers, will all be available for clients to explore.

Goesta Henning, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Automobili Pininfarina, said: “With the Battista hyper GT continuing to reach its development goals, we’re delighted to announce MOHR GROUP as our new retail partner with the opening of the Automobili Pininfarina lounge in München. This represents a fantastic opportunity for our clients to experience a new world of luxurious Italian craftsmanship and Battista personalisation options at their convenience.”

Lorenz M. Mohr, Managing Partner, MOHR GROUP, said: “The MOHR GROUP is the official partner of the world’s most exclusive vehicle manufacturers and tuners. This makes us one of the most diversified sports car dealers in Europe. The presentation of Automobili Pininfarina is definitely the pinnacle of our brand portfolio and we look forward to a great future together.”

MOTORWORLD München is recognised as a centre for driving culture in Germany and is a destination for both classic car and future mobility enthusiasts. The entire 75,000 sq. m. venue is housed within a green building and certified as CO2 neutral, making it the perfect location to view the pure-electric Battista.

The new retail partnership comes as Automobili Pininfarina continues to grow its global footprint, with five new retailers confirmed in the last months alone, including London, Melbourne, Oslo and Stockholm. The ongoing development is also evident closer to home, where it continues to invest in the people and facilities at its Design and Engineering Hub in Cambiano, outside Turin.

This facility in Italy will include a luxurious customer experience centre in the new Atelier space, where clients will be taken through the process of tailoring their Battista hyper GT with the aid of designers, who will provide key insights and guidance to help create their perfect piece of automotive art. This will take place just metres away from where a small team of artisans will assemble and hand-finish every Battista.

Clients will also be able to take advantage of a new dynamic customer program. The unique proposition will allow them to familiarise themselves with their new Battista, down to the smallest possible detail, with the help of ex-Formula E and Formula 1 racer, Nick Heidfeld. As part of the program, Nick will demonstrate how to extract the maximum performance out of the pure-electric Battista hyper GT, on both road and track.