Peugeot Sport Engineered, the new high performance division of the French automaker has introduced their newest model, the 508 Sport Engineered, a plug-in hybrid with four wheel drive giving blistering performance. The new division and its newest creation open a new chapter for Peugoet.

The Sport Engineered is Peugeot’s attempt at making high performance models which are powered with sensible renewed energy to provide industry best performance. Something the company calls neo-performance. The 508’s main color theme is set in dark grey and Kryptonite green, the bright green also makes up the Sport Engineered’s logo which is set in three claw marks, with accents in front air intakes, brake callipers and the C-pillars. The rear lights are a hark back to Peugeot’s heritage designs over the years.

The 508 is the most powerful car made by Peugoet, the 360hp made by the hybrid powertrain is able to accelerate the car from 0-100kmph in 5.2secs with the superior grip added with the four-wheel drive system, and limited to 250kmph. The much acclaimed 508 has been boosted up to give the best performance figures from the French automaker. Lower driving position, widened tracks, larger discs and 20in Alloy wheels with Michelin sport 4S tyres.

The two electric motors at the front and rear enable smarter grip. The car can be run on fully electric mode up to a range of 26 miles in utter silence with zero emissions and the hybrid mode which in optimised mode chooses between combustion or electric power depending upon the driving style. And in sport mode unleashes the full 360hp and also activates the digital engine sound system which makes the car sound more cracky and throaty, in essence with the performance, in addition to the stiffened suspension and sharper steering.

Standard charger fills up the battery in under seven hours while it takes two hours from a fast 7Kw charger. The electric motors and batteries have been smartly placed in optimised space such that there is no difference between internal volume in the conventionally powered 508 and the 508 SE hybrid. The engineers at Sport Engineering have developed Neo-performance, a high performance but low emission type of performance by blending the electric and combustion power.

Peugoet also announced a return to the World Endurance Championship and will compete in Le Mans Hypercar category from 2022, wherein it will use expertise picked up in WRC, Dakar rally and other endurance championships.

Peugoet Sport engineers have also lended their expertise to the car by fine-tuning the chassis for comfort and tighter steering. The car comes with all the standard safety features of the 508 like the adaptive cruise control, Night vision and automatic braking system. The three kryptonite claws are prominently placed on the steering wheel and a fully digitized Heads-up display. The sporty look has been added to the infotainment system. The cabin is designed with Nappa leather and Alcantara merged together, stitched in Kryptonite color.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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