On 26th September 2020 PEUGEOT will kick off the celebrations of 210 years of boldness, passion and innovation.
On 26th September 1810, the PEUGEOT Frères Aînés company was officially founded by a contribution in cash deed recorded in a register that you can still find in the Terre-Blanche Archives (Doubs). For more than two centuries, the PEUGEOT family has been present for the fashion revolution in the 19th century – with the steel-wire in the crinoline skirts – and then the mobility revolution, with bicycles and cars. It is a brand shaped by creatives, engineers, designers, who for more than two centuries have been shaking up the norms to revamp the standards of mobility. It is through this alliance of men and women that PEUGEOT has never stopped reinventing itself as a brand and has become ever stronger over the years to face the future with serenity.

A logo dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the Lion Brand was created for this celebration. From 24th August to the end of the year, the celebration will be marked by several key campaigns and events:
An international promotional campaign with historic offers from August 24th,
An editorial plan dedicated to social networks in September and October,
Two digital events on September 24th  and 26th,
Admission is set at 1€ for all visitors to the Musée de l’Aventure PEUGEOT in Sochaux from 1st September to 31st October,
PEUGEOT Lifestyle products specifically dedicated to Lion fans, marketed at the end of September.

A specific logo to celebrate the 210th anniversary of the Lion Brand was designed by the designers at the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio. It will identify all the events related to this celebration.

The Lion, ambassador of the Brand, is pictured side-on here and is underlined by an arrow. This refers to the oldest existing PEUGEOT logo (registered in 1858) which symbolises the three qualities of the PEUGEOT saw blades produced right at the very start of the brand: flexibility, tooth strength and cutting speed. The arrow enshrines the notion of speed.
The “210 years” caption is a reference to the history of the brand, but also to the next 210 years to come. The black and white colours of the logo underline temperance and frugality, PEUGEOT’s mantra. The circle surrounding the Lion asserts the logo as an emblem, a label that everyone will be proud to make their own.

Promotional offers for trade-ins and financing for individual customers on new vehicles will also be part of the celebration of PEUGEOT’s 210th anniversary, from 24th August until the end of 2020.

“2.1.0. Let’s Go” is the international campaign slogan. It’s a nod to PEUGEOT’s 210-year history, an enduring and serene brand, with a rich history punctuated by many accomplishments. The message “By your side to keep you going” is intended for the customers, to show that the Brand is there to provide support in the key moments of their lives. This campaign will be broadcast via “360°” communication, on TV channels, the web, social networks, as well as on billboards and radio (depending on the country). A film focusing on the history of the brand will be broadcast on social networks on 26th September, PEUGEOT’s 210th anniversary.

A global campaign on social networks, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin will mark the celebration of the 210th anniversary of the PEUGEOT brand.

Inspired by this anniversary, the content offered on these different platforms will each have a dedicated editorial plan, from 1st September to 30th October, based on the hashtag #210YEARSWITHPEUGEOT.
From 1st to 26th September, we are inviting the public to attend the “Champions League”-style election of the most emblematic PEUGEOT of the last two centuries. There will be only one winner, the one the public voted for, the ultimate PEUGEOT! At the end of this competition, the PEUGEOT Design teams, led by their Director Matthias HOSSANN, will work on a surprise which will be unveiled in October and which will undoubtedly be yet another gem in the brand’s rich 210 years of existence.

The climax of the celebrations will be two exclusive digital events organised in September around the anniversary date:

On 24th September, a digital event reserved for the press in the morning and the dealer network in the afternoon,
On 26th September, the date of the 210th anniversary, a digital event for social networks, to be broadcast on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin platforms.
The public will have a few surprises to look forward to during these two days!

Entrance to the PEUGEOT Musée de l’Aventure in Sochaux is offered to the public at the symbolic price of 1€ from 1st September to 31st October.

The Musée de l’Aventure PEUGEOT is one of the must-see sites in the East of France, which bears witness to two centuries of the industrial saga of the Lion brand. It is located in Sochaux and has been steeped in the historical stronghold of the PEUGEOT brand’s productions from 1810 to the present day.
Finally, the 2020 edition of the International Adventure Peugeot Meeting (IAPM) will be held on October 2, 3 and 4 in Sochaux, the beating heart of the brand. This exceptional event is reserved for members of the Aventure PEUGEOT and will include 130 crews – from the PEUGEOT 201 to the PEUGEOT RCZ – for a 300 km rally through the Doubs countryside over 3 days. For more information, go to the IAPM 2020 page: https://iapm2020.fr/

Two collections of PEUGEOT lifestyle products dedicated to the celebration of the Brand’s 210th anniversary will be on sale at the end of September on the online store https://boutique.peugeot.com.

PEUGEOT fans will be proud to wear the T-Shirts, sweat shirts or caps, and to use backpacks, pins or key rings, which they will have with them every day.
The collection dedicated to the celebration of the 210 years of PEUGEOT’s history features the black logo on a white background with the caption “210 years”,
The collection stamped with the white logo on a black background with the caption “since 1810” is timeless and includes culinary objects, including a pepper mill.