Pagani brings in latest innovation in its cars with preventive maintenance with central unit working on the principle of Learn, Evaluate and Operate. Working on real time analysis of car functionality and continuous input of car’s health to the main server, making car maintenance easier than ever before.

Are you ready for a maintenance system that makes sure that it is taken care of before an issue arises or even if there is an issue, it can be rectified right way! This is being done with the help of constant monitoring of the car.  As the data science field advances and technology to support becomes accessible, more and more companies are investing to make sure that they give their customers the advantage of these technology with ease of usage.

The dedicated and commitment to bring the best product of this kind is evident from the fact that it took 3 years for Pagani to build this software for preventive maintenance and constant improvement with their collaboration with various IT and Telecommunication companies such as Vodafone Business, While1 and DMD Computer.

It is no surprise that this piece of technology comes from Pagani. As said by their Founder and Chief Designer, Horacio Pagani, “In the early 2000s we were one of the first companies in the industry to experiment with remote diagnostics and we have always realised the huge advantages in being able to support our customers remotely. We can now take advantage of the technological advances made in the last decade. We have developed L.E.O., which can offer this and much more, creating tangible value for our customers​.”

The new control unit developed by Pagani Cars and works on the fundamentals of LEO as stated by their founder and designer which stands for Learn- Evaluate-Operate. What it would mean for your car, if you choose to install this control unit. Let us give you a quick rundown. The control unit will establish a connection with the electronic circuitry of the car and then gather data from the various interactions of this circuitry and learn from these interactions and is the learning part of the unit.

Coming to the Evaluate part of the control unit, the data collected from the circuitry will thus be transmitted to the main server to store this information and run an analysis of the parameters that have been defined by Pagani. This will be done through with the help of algorithms. In the Operating phase, the data collected and evaluated is then used to run checks and send out notifications for predictive maintenance in real time. Moreover, as it works in any app or operating software, Pagani will be able to send vital updates through their top-notch system known as Firmware Over the Air (FOTA). This has been especially designed and developed for real time usage and this control unit.

This control unit comes fitted in Huayra Roadster BC, if you are thinking of buying one or if you already own a Pagani, you can always check with your dealership to fit one in your car. There are multiple reasons you can opt for this system, mainly it helps with predictive maintenance and as you have heard the saying, prevention is better than cure, same goes for your car. The maintenance of the car becomes easy with apps developed for both Apple and Android and you have vitals of your car on your fingertips.

Now, you don’t have to wait till an issue pops up in your car, your dealership may contact you if any red flags go off and provide you a proactive support. Lastly as any app developer will tells you, Pagani gets to collect a lot more feedback on its car through this control unit and will help improve and enhance the performance of its car.

Alokita Sharma

Alokita Sharma

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