BLUE SPRINGS, Miss. — “Nov. 2007… our first team member was hired; Nov. 2011… our first Corolla was built; Nov. 2017… our first decade was celebrated; today… our one millionth Mississippi-build Toyota Corolla rolled off the line”, quotes Toyota.

Just weeks after Toyota Mississippi treated North Mississippi to a free concert to say thanks for 10 years, team members cheered today as the one-millionth Corolla was driven off the production line.

“To think this all started with one – one team member, one team, one car, and now the one millionth Corolla is rolling off our line – is incredible,” stated Sean Suggs, vice president of manufacturing. “This is another feather in the cap of Toyota’s 1,500 team members who come together each day to produce ever-better Corollas. Our team members are the foundation of our success.”

From the first team member hired to the first car built to the one millionth car built, Toyota’s first decade in Mississippi has been a great ride.

Aaron Foster, Toyota general manager, and one of the original team members hired at Toyota Mississippi, said, “I was excited to join Toyota in my home state 10 years ago. One million Corollas later, I am proud to be a part of this great team.”