Enabled by a GM-designed three-motor e4WD system, with Void of emissions, 1,000 horsepower, and advanced driving modes, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV will be the latest off-road EV super truck, with all- new innovations produced to overcome tough restrictions and area.

The unique e4WD drive system will allow maneuverability and traction and should let the vehicle to reach new goals over the most challenging terrain along with capacities including scaling 18-inch verticals and fording water more than 2 feet under. Hummer EV’s Drive Mode Control’s five drive forms.  The four pre-configured modes and the driver-configurable My Mode will allow the driver to tailor the performance, including four-wheel steering, shock damping, throttle maps, obstacles, and internal sound enrichment.  The modes accommodate a diversity of driving conditions, from trailering to motorway driving.

Additionally, the Drive Mode Control also incorporates another Terrain Mode, which allows one-pedal EV driving for off-roading.  It empowers the driver to the moderate challenging territory at low speeds by completely changing input on the accelerator. The tremendous power and control are accessible to each wheel without the restraints of a traditional propulsion system.  In fact, the system can direct more power to a wheel, keeping the vehicle moving in the worst driving conditions.

Hummer EV lead engineer, Aaron Pfau explained, “The GMC Hummer EV’s all-new EV platform was a blank slate that was filled out by a dedicated team of engineers who are hardcore off-road enthusiasts.  The result is an absolute off-road beast that will take you to new places.”

The Hummer EV Edition 1’s factual off-road highlights include:

  1. Autonomous front and rear suspension systems are joined to the drive motors in order to aid in handling in off-road conditions
  2. Front e-Locker is an electronically regulated locking differential that promotes traction ability by locking both front wheels so that they turn at the same speed. Up to 100 percent of torque can be transmitted to the front wheels for high traction capacity and fully synchronized e4WD impulsion
  3. Rear virtual locker simulates a locking differential for the dual-motor rear-drive. It is competent in torque vectoring, sent to each wheel to optimize not only friction in off-road conditions, but improve on-road driving changes
  4. Heavy-duty ball-spline half-shafts used to maximize axle junction for extensive maneuverability, while also decreasing feedback through the steering system in hard- cornering and other off-road driving circumstances
  5. Standard 18-inch wheels with 35-inch-OD Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires that contribute to excellent strength and versatility to optimize maneuverability. Additionally, the vehicle is engineered to suit 37-inch tires
  6. Underbody armor with five skid plates/rock sliders and two underbody guards in order to defend the battery pack, drive units
  7. UltraVision includes new front and rear underbody cameras with live virtual spotter ways to assist drivers to navigate barriers and place wheels on and off the path. The new edition offers a best-in-class 18 possible camera views working as a virtual spotter

Off-road widgets that display a treasure of vehicle and driving status updates through the infotainment and driver information screens.  Some of the widgets include g-force articulation, Wheel travel, Tire pressure; Chassis ride height, Drift gauge, and others.

An all-new suite of technologies includes the Drive Mode Control to complement the Hummer EV’s excellent maneuverability in order to improve comfort for multiple driving conditions.  “Whether driving on the highway or climbing over rocks, the Hummer EV will be configurable for driver preferences.  It’s an incredibly personalized and engaging driving experience that makes the full capability of the vehicle simple and comfortable to use,” said Pfau.

He further added, “It offers a great feeling of control, by optimizing regenerative braking, friction braking and drive motor torque all through the accelerator pedal.  Once you’ve tried it off-roading, you’ll quickly realize the benefits.”

Powered by General Motors’ new Ultium battery system, the Hummer EV will be the first fully electrically made vehicle added in GMC’s portfolio.  Extra features and technologies are engineered for Hummer EV is an off-road driving best experience-

  1. Tire Inflation/Deflation Help is an off-roading tool that informs the driver whenever a lower tire pressure is achieved. The driver can manually decrease the tire and the vehicle warns with a loud signal when it is achieved
  2. Virtual assistant switches offer control provisions for aftermarket accessories such as light bars, winches, etc., l allowing the driver to initiate the features without tough switches
  3. Approximately 200 accessories will be delivered in the market for Hummer EV

At launch, the Hummer EV is offered exclusively in the Edition 1 model, featuring the full range of off-road-driving technologies including the Extreme Off-Road Package.

Content highlights will include:

  • 4 Wheel Steer, offering nimble maneuverability. The system allows the rear wheels to be locked in the forward position, to turn opposite of the front wheels or turn in the same direction as the front wheels. There are three driver-selectable settings:
    • Off – No rear steering assistance
    • Auto – In this automatic mode, the rear tires turn in the opposite direction of the front tires at low speeds to help improve maneuverability in tight situations; and at higher speeds, the rear wheels turn with the front wheels
    • CrabWalk — A segment-exclusive feature that turns the rear wheels at the same angle as the front wheels (up to 10 degrees) at low speeds, allowing diagonal movement of the vehicle, for an even greater range of maneuverability in tight off-road conditions
  • Off-road widgets that display a wealth of vehicle function and driving status updates through the infotainment and driver information screens. Some of the widgets include:
    • g-force articulation (friction circle)
    • Drift gauge (with maximum values)
    • Torque output and torque vectoring
    • Wheel travel
    • e-Locker engagement
    • Tire pressure
    • Pitch and roll angles (with maximum values)
    • Chassis ride height
    • Compass
  • Adaptive Air Suspension, which enables the suspension height to be controlled by the driver or via automatic settings to suit a variety of conditions. Examples include:
    • Ride height control with automatic or driver-selectable settings
    • Automatic Entry and Exit, which lowers the ride height to enable easier ingress and egress of the vehicle
    • Aero Mode, which lowers the ride height on the highway to improve aerodynamics
    • Extract Mode, an upcoming available feature that enables the suspension height to be raised approximately 6 inches, in order to help the HUMMER EV negotiate extreme off-road situations such as clearing boulders and fording deeper water.


 Standard SettingsTerrain ModeAvailable Extract Mode
Wheelbase (in. / mm):135.6 / 3445135.6 / 3445135.6 / 3445
Vehicle length (in. / mm):216.8 / 5507216.8 / 5507216.8 / 5507
Width w/o mirrors (in. / mm):86.7 / 220186.7 / 220186.7 / 2201
Width w/ mirrors (in. / mm):93.7 / 238093.7 / 238093.7 / 2380
Max ground clearance (in. / mm):10.1 / 25711.9 / 30215.9 / 404
Front overhang (in. / mm):34.7 / 88134.7 / 88134.7 / 881
Rear overhang (in. / mm):46.5 / 118146.5 / 118146.5 / 1181
Approach angle (deg.):41.544.349.7
Departure angle (deg.):31.633.738.4
Breakover angle (deg.):22.325.432.2
Water fording depth (in. / mm):26 / 66028 / 71132 / 813
Track width (in. / mm):73.3 / 1863
(front and rear)
73.3 / 1863
(front and rear)
73.3 / 1863
(front and rear)
Turning circle – 2-wheel steering (ft. / m):44.3 / 13.544.3 / 13.5
Turning circle – 4-wheel steering (ft. / m):37.1 / 11.337.1 / 11.3
Suspension travel (in. / mm):13 / 330
(front and rear)
13 / 330
(front and rear)
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