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The NOVITEC program for the GTC 4 LUSSO / LUSSO T has been developed for maximum form and function. The complete aerodynamic package has been designed and wind tunnel tested in light weight carbon fiber. The NOVITEC aerodynamic components provide improved aerodynamics, while giving the vehicle a more aggressive appearance. Motor performance has been achieved through upgraded engine management software and high quality exhaust systems available in the ultra lightweight material Inconel or stainless steel. To maximize driving performance, suspension components and tailor made wheel and tire combinations provide maximum contact with the road.

The in-house developed performance gains are the heart of the NOVITEC program. Massive power development and outstanding performance, coupled with a unique sports car modified for daily use, are the crucial factors that will convince you of the performance delivered, built and designed by NOVITEC.

NOVITEC N-TRONIC Kit, power optimized exhaust system stainless steel without flap-regulation, X-pipe replacement pipe, 100 Zeller sport catalysts and NOVITEC TECTRONIC

performance: 517 kW (703hp) / 7.900 rpm
max. torque: 876 Nm / 3.200 rpm

NOVITEC exhaust systems are characterized by using the highest quality materials, a perfect fit and powerful sound characteristic. They are available as individual performance optimizing components with our without flap regulation. The custom tailored tailpipes give the rear end of your vehicle a more aggressive and finished appearance.

NOVITEC wheel and tire combinations are the perfect application for maximum contact with the road. The wheel and tire sizes are matched directly to each vehicle so there is never the need for any adjustment to the original vehicle set up and programming. The design of each wheel fits perfectly and uses the factory tire pressure monitors and center caps. NOVITEC wheels are made exclusively for Ferrari only.

NOVITEC suspension and chassis technology offers many different possibilities. The engineers have thought of you and your needs in every way. We offer everything from a spring kit to reduce the height of the vehicle, a complete suspension system that is fully adjustable with detailed specifications and parameters. Your driving comfort and performance are at the forefront of our development.

Shape and design of the individual aerodynamic components are based on extensive wind tunnel testing to achieve the optimal aerodynamic form and function. In the development of these components, there is also a lot of emphasis placed on the aesthetics of the individual parts so that the visual design accents do not drastically change the fundamentals of the vehicle.