The Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways and MSME, Nitin Gadkari, has expressed confidence in reducing road accident fatalities from about 1.5 lakh each year to 50 per cent by 2025 against the 2030 target. While addressing webinar on ‘Road Safety’, Gadkari told that they are working on fast track mode to achieve the target with the cooperation of all stakeholders.

Gadkari even informed that his ministry took several steps to mitigate road accidents including intelligent transport system in the nation. He further added that for this purpose, the ADB and World Bank are providing Rs 7000 crore each to eliminate black spots from national highways. He also told that they have already identified black spots on national highway and that India has spent Rs. 20,000 crore on eliminating the black spots already. Highlighting the necessity in this context, the Union Minister told that out of 1.5 lakh road accidents fatalities that happen annually, approximately 53,000 occur on Highways. Gadkari also said the State of Tamil Nadu has reduced accidental deaths by 25 percent through the implementation of a project with the assistance of the World Bank.

Gadkari called on MPs who chair District Road Committees to recognise the black spots, and to seek their recourse. He highlighted the need to recognise black spots on state and municipal roads, where he emphasised that collaboration between the public, state governments, MLAs, MPs etc. is of utmost importance.

Underlining the importance of different stakeholders, he said that cooperation of Universities, educational institutions, nongovernmental organisations, state governments, etc is especially needed. The Union Minister even stated that the Government has planned out a significant role for them to play in reducing the number of accidents.

Gadkari even pursued for automobile industry’s cooperation and support to get closer to achieving the road safety goals. He also related to the 2019 MV Act, which is a systematic legislation covering all facets of India’s transport industry.

While delving on the tension induced by the Covid pandemic, he emphasised on the need to develop intelligent road transport infrastructure in the country on Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Gadkari further added that, through PPP style, he is providing guidance for formulating policy and tendering models to establish intelligent transportation systems at the Municipal, provincial and national levels and for this purpose, he even invited opinions and suggestions from all the stake holders, so that country builds a framework that meets global best practices.

Satvika Kushwaha

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