Inspired by rallies and customer racing events, Hyundai has created the i20 N Rally2 as an addition to the motorsport car roster. Intended to cater exclusively to privately owned teams and drivers, it has developed a specific niche of customers.

2021 will witness the launch of yet another rally car from Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing- the i20 N Rally2. With this new car, Hyundai has moved forward with enhancements and improvements based on data collected from performance of the i20 R5; the car with which Hyundai successfully crossed the threshold towards the Customer Racing competition in 2015. Implementing all round improvements that R5 needed, the i20 N Rally2 has become an upgraded example of its former counterpart. Hyundai specifically developed this car with the aim to target privately owned teams and drivers, ranging from the scale of local to national and further to international rally competitions. The main inspiration behind the making of this car was Hyundai’s very own road vehicle, the i20 N. Being a high-performance sporty vehicle on its own, the i20 N is a prime example of a hatchback vehicle amalgamated with a motorsport car.

It is only fair that Hyundai would base its new creation on this car which carries the new brand philosophy of ‘Sensuous Sportiness.’ Almost every part of the new rally car, even its 1.6 litre turbocharged engine whose creation had been underway since January 2020, is completely fresh except the five-speed sequential gearbox that has continued on from the i20 R5. Gaining valuable insight from the data accumulated over five years of R5’s performance, Hyundai’s experts put their research and experience to test in both enhancing the i20 R5 and creating the i20 N Rally 2. Periodic tweaks to the original car have greatly improved the R5 and at the same time have made it easier to carry forth those improvements in the new car. Carrying R5’s improvements and N segment’s chassis, the Rally2 has taken Hyundai’s motorsport presence leaps forward. It offers better handling atop every kind of surface with its new suspension parts and dampers. Belonging to the Rally2 group, it is a choice vehicle for all types of rally races including the WRC 2 and WRC 3 at an international level.

i20 N Rally2 hopes to follow the steps of its predecessor and lay victorious claims to multiple championships all around the globe. Hyundai has also planned to put the car through a comprehensive testing regimen to make sure it lives up to the expectations of its customers and upholds the brand’s reputation of creating world-class vehicles. The makers of this car hold big hopes for its success, taking into account the amount of work that has been put into its making since the past five years. Andrea Adamo, Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal said, “Every area of the new car is an improvement over the original thanks to the design work completed by our dedicated team of designers and engineers. Our focus is now on testing the car to further develop each aspect of the design to improve both performance and reliability, while also ensuring that the handling enables each and every one of our customers to achieve the best possible results when they can start competing with the i20 N Rally2 next year.” Customers can also look forward to their i20 N Rally2 being delivered by summer ’21, the same time when its final homologation has been arranged to take place.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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