National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has awarded projects for a total cumulative length of 1330 km in the current Financial Year. The Authority reports that projects awarded so far in first half of the current Financial Year are1.6 times higher of 828 km awarded in FY 19-20 and 3.5 times higher of 373 km awarded in FY18-19 during the same period. For the awarded projects, NHAI has already completed atleast 80 to 90 percent of the land acquisition, actioned utilities shifting and has obtained required clearances from various forest and environment authorities.

As per an NHAI statement, during April to September 2020, it awarded a total of 40 projects covering 1330 km length. Capital cost of these 40 projects is Rs. 47,289 crore, which includes cost of civil work, land acquisition, and other pre- construction activities. NHAI has set a target of awarding 4500 km of projects during current Financial Year and is likely to exceed the target.

NHAI is committed to improve ease of doing business and facilitate better working relationship with all its stakeholders. Recently, NHAI has agreed to implement various suggestions made by different industry bodies towards improving National Highways. NHAI has taken various initiatives from time to time to instil confidence of the bidders in the Road Sector.

In March 2020, NHAI disbursed Rs. 10,000 crore through online payments and ensured that no payments remain pending due to closure of office during the lock down. In the first quarter of current Financial Year, NHAI disbursed more than Rs. 15,000 crore to the vendors. Additionally, steps such as monthly payments to the contractors were taken to ensure cash flow to the contractors. Such moderations will result in a spiraling effect not only on the growth of the road sector but will also play a critical role in nation building and advancing the growth of the Indian Economy.