In order to further improve the ease of doing business, NHAI has agreed to most of the suggestions made by industry body, the Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI).

NHAI reports that CEAI had submitted suggestions pertaining to areas that include Omnibus Bank Guarantee, Performance Parameters of Consultants, Approval of DPR, Value Engineering, Technical Capacity Provisions, Evaluation of Bids etc. After having detailed deliberation with the industry body, NHAI agreed with most of the suggestions made by them. Suggestions which were outside the purview of NHAI have been sent to the related authorities for consideration. Further, NHAI assured the body that all good suggestions facilitating smooth working with the Consultants shall be positively considered in the future as well.

Some of the key suggestions accepted by NHAI are highlighted as below:

  1. Suggestions regarding Omnibus Bank Guarantee system has been accepted by NHAI and guidelines have been issued on the matter.
  2. Suggestions regarding use of innovative technology / material has been accepted. NHAI has asked the Consultants to propose new technologies while preparing DPRs and wasteful expenditure items should be avoided. NHAI also assured that the approval process of various stages of DPR shall be expedited.
  3. NHAI has reiterated its commitment to ensure timely payments to the Consultants.
  4. Under Technical Capacity Provisions, cap on the number of projects awarded to a Consultant will be linked to the Consultant’s performance and its rating on the Vendor Performance Evaluation System.

NHAI has further reported that it is committed to improve ease of doing business and facilitate better working relationship with all its stakeholders.