One of world’s popular automotive channel, Namaste Car has reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube. The song is dedicated for the love automobiles. Namaste Car also thanked their viewers, sponsors, supporters and all automobile brands & dealers around the world for their association. The brand anthem ‘Namaste Car’ aims to bring together the lovers of cars and salute their strong affection towards their favorite cars because a love between a man and his car ca only be understood by those whole have felt it..

Namaste Car is among the few automotive channel in world to cover the details of top Supercars, SUVs, Hatchbacks and Sedans. It is also among the leading Hindi automotive channel in India. The channel provide detailed information about cars which attracted lots of attention from the viewers and automotive brands. Namaste Car was the first in India to review hypercars, yacht and a business jet.

Founder of Namaste Car said, “Namaste Car has become an integral part of automotive information around the world over the last two years, our success is intertwined with that of our valued viewers who strongly believe in the essence of Namaste Car. We have been at the forefront to bring the in-depth information about cars with full accuracy. We salute the strong spirit of our viewers and those who believe in us and Namaste Car Anthem is our humble tribute to this support, passion and a never give up attitude towards us. We truly believe that drive it like your last day.”

Rapper & music producer Wackho also known as Yash Goyal wrote the lyrics and performed the ‘Anthem’ for Namaste Car. He said, “Namaste Car song is not just an ordinary song but an emotion. Its the emotion of every car lover like how they used to see it when they were kid, young or started getting old. It shows that a car lover don’t differentiate between cars whether its of Rs. 1 lakh or 3 crores.” He further said, “Making songs on love, girls, party and all that is easy because we see that in everyday life. But making a emotional song for a car was like a challenge. Basically it was a different and creative task for us to make it a banger.”

About the song details Wackho said, “I started with the theme that this song should have the emotions of car lovers, a fresh vibe, a new music, all car types hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, supercars etc. Challenges was how to involve more car details with good lyrics and still have to make it punchy EDM Music with Indian Classical Music at outro.”

Music Production of the song was completed at Yasz Records with the Music Producer Mayank Verma also known as “eM On the Beat”. Focus was to produce an EDM Music to make Namaste Car a exciting dance music with new refreshing melody and groovy beats. The outro music was performed with Indian classical instruments like sitar, Violin, Harmonium, Sarangi etc.

Namaste Car has released the song on all its social media and digital platforms.