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It is huge. Large wheels. Enormous doors. And it is a monster. Creating an automotive icon like the Land Rover Defender is not simple or easy at all.  The new Defender is within our reach, as the bookings have been open. It’s completely a class of its own, and so proud to write that the Congress leader Ajay Arjun Singh along with his son Arunoday Singh takes its first delivery in MP.

Most people know him as Rahul Bhaiya, Ajay Singh is the Leader of Opposition (LoP) and a Congress leader, has recently had the privilege to take the first delivery of the new Land Rover Defender 110 in MP. Singh is the son of Congress leader, former CM of Madhya Pradesh, who along with his son Arunoday Singh took the new Defender home. His son is a Bollywood actor who marked his debut in the film Sikandar in 2009. The actor is also known for publishing poetry and his poems are loved and appreciated by his fans and followers on social media.

The father-son duo has welcomed the new version of the Land Rover Defender in their home. It is the beloved off-roader, remodeled into an awesomely tremendous, extravagance five or seven-seater SUV called Defender 90 & Defender 110. Just by staring at it you know, it was aimed to be far off-road. Therefore, stuff like the tire of the boot was never going to leave, there is a textured spot on the bonnet plus big matte, opened air vents on the side, and a mass of exposed giant bolts, plus all-black door handles.

Inside is elegant given the behemoth that it is. You do not often get a car that is so precisely built to be ridden through streams and up hills, that still seems this rich. There is a 10-inch touchscreen; we can tell you that the dimension and the high resolution of the screen are superb. There is also Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity so you can cruise using maps and have hands-free multimedia.

You won’t believe but the bulky breadth of the car has never appeared to be so tiny. It is a roomy car and you sense that on the road too, especially if you are living in a suburb with slim roads. This model is available in two unique body styles- 90 (three-door) and 110 (five-door), and it has a lot of power, so, there is hardly any heavy lag. Powered by a 2.0-liter petrol engine, it starts at Rs. 73.91 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 90.43 Lakh.

Well, All Defenders come fairly well equipped, so we consider you can get away with tons of functionality with the entry-level model and possibly add a couple of benefits of your choice. It is worth considering for safety side as well, besides exploring rock-solid, you’ll perceive Auto Emergency Braking, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, ‘Driver Assist Pack’ which involves ‘Rear Collision Monitor and adaptive cruise control.

Therefore, it is certainly a head-turner for your family as it is for the Congress leader father-son duo of MP.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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