For all racing enthusiasts, the win of classic Mini in 1964 at Monte Carlo Rally is still fresh in their minds. The last 56 years, fading this brilliant win by Northern Irish rally Diver, Patrik “Paddy” Hopkirk, who are just 30 years old at the time of this historic win.  To commemorate this win, Mini now presents an edition model of the winning car, unmistakable in its likeness to the winning car, numbered 37.

This MINI Paddy Hopkirk Edition will be available for purchase from October 2020 in selected dealerships. The automobile is styled in the manner that exemplifies and inculcates the features of the mini and also special features and designs which immortalizes the race car that won in 1964. It has the number 37 featured in the stylish form on the both driver and passenger doors.  Like its original race car, this MINI will have a Red Chilli body finish and a white roof.

The race remains engrave in the memories of all the UK motor racing fans, as an underdog, Mini in the capable hands of  Paddy Hopkirk, beat out motor cars which had greater engine power. It was the agility and reliability of Mini in the toughest of terrains from country roads, mountains to ice snow to deep steep slopes.

This win has meant so much to the racing aficionados  all over the world and this new edition by MINI gives them the opportunity to own this car and own some part of that win. This model will have an similar exterior paintwork in style of the winning motor car  with 17-inch John Cooper Works light-alloy wheels in Track Spoke Black design or 18-inch John Cooper Works light-alloy forged wheels in Cross Spoke Jet Black matt design and numerous other that elevate it in the dark colors.

All of the components bear some hallmark MINI logs at the front and rear such as the frame and horizontal brace of the radiator grille are finished in high-gloss black for lower air intakes, the opening in the bonnet, the door handles, the fuel filler flap, the tailgate handle as well as the surrounds of the headlight and rear lights.  Some of the other features include, the exterior of the LED headlights and the rear lights are in the Union Jack Design and bear the inscription of “Paddy Hopkirk Monte Carlo” and along with it is a single white bonnet stripe on the driver’s side.

The new edition Mini also combines the famous number and letter 33 EJB of the number plate of the winning car. You will also find Hopkirk’s signature on the decorative trim on the strip along the passenger side.  One of the unique feature is the MINI lead entry sills bear the name of “Paddy Hopkirk”.  In a more market-specific configuration will also includes auxiliary headlights in Piano Black, a key cap with the start number 37 and the Waistline Finisher in Piano Black for  the trim strips between the body and the greenhouse.  Lastly, if you still want it to be more tailored to your specific needs, the driver can personalize this one of a kind specimen.  This will be available in the range of optional extras for the MINI 3 door and MINI 5 door.

Alokita Sharma

Alokita Sharma

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