MINI, known for its wise usage of vehicle space has produced the MINI Vision Urbanaut as a result of its visionary technology. What’s more is that this new car has been designed to leave as little carbon footprint as possible. Using its interior space as a blank canvas, the company has taken a dive into the creative arena of using space logically.

Vehicle space and ecological footprint seem to have a direct relationship. If a vehicle has more space, it would also leave a greater footprint and if it the space is less, the footprint naturally becomes smaller. However, MINI’s Vision Urbanaut has inversed this relation between the two factors. For this new interpretation of space, the car maker has kept emissions as marginal as possible. This has been made possible because of the application of #NEXTGen which has ensured that interior space of this car will be used wisely.

The three MINI Moments of ‘Chill’, ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Vibe’ have been developed to suit the drive scenario and offer a much immersive driving experience. These innovations not only add to driver’s and passengers’ pleasure, they also utilize the entire interior cabin.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design said, “The MINI brand has always stood for ‘Clever Use of Space’. In the MINI Vision Urbanaut, we extend private space far into the public realm, creating completely new and enriching experiences.”

MINI’s concept of creating a vehicle centred on ‘interior space’ meant that it would first have to design the inside, followed by its exterior. Following this concept, a digital model was designed to further add innovations to the cabin space of this 4.46 m long car. The fact that this vehicle is run on electricity and has automatic driving features paved way for even more liberal use of its interior. Head of MINI Design, Oliver Heilmer, during MINI’s media announcement said, “In 1959, the very first MINI ushered in a small-scale revolution in vehicle construction with its transversely mounted engine. With the MINI Vision Urbanaut we have been able to rethink and increase the usable surface area inside the car even further in relation to its footprint.”

Some mechanisms that exhibit the clever designing of its space and how those made it a multipurpose vehicle are- its transformation into a living room, driver’s area that converts into a ‘daybed’, ‘Street Balcony’ when the windscreen opens and ‘Cosy Corner’ at the hind area of cabin. Additionally, control area and buttons have been decluttered by getting rid of buttons that could be done without. With this, the interior has been made simpler, yet connective. This makes it an optimal choice for those customers who prefer to be behind the wheel of a minimal and functionally modern vehicle. MINI’s three moments are made accessible by using ‘MINI Token’, which also specializes in offering a customised ‘My MINI moment’ experience to its occupants.

Its ‘interior centric’ body has an equally impressive exterior inclusive of modern styling and MINI special wheel positioning which hypes up the interior even more. A MINI fan would most certainly appreciate the two special evolved exterior features which have been treasured aspects of MINI’s design– its headlights and radiator grille. Its side profile boasts the ‘Ocean Wave’ turquoise blue finished wheels. It has also proved its position as a futuristic and family friendly vehicle with smart device unlocking which enables a close familial group to open the car.

For all its creative design and technology, MINI Vision Urbanaut has also become an example of ingenious use of sustainable materials and environmental responsibility. Taking into account today’s millennial population’s growing demand for automobile producers to become more eco conscious, MINI decreased its carbon footprint by using the interior space cleverly, adopting recycled materials like knitted textile and installing an electrically powered drive system. This comes as a harmonious creation which keeps an efficient balance between space and emissions.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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