It is not surprising for carmakers to celebrate milestones.  Either this can be a birthday for the company itself or something meaningful that has befallen in the company’s history.  There are also more unique celebrations, and Mini has determined to do something a bit jarring.  They have embellished the Mini Electric with a canvas by Carmine Di Giandomenico (Italian comic’s artist) to pay him tribute for completing 80 years of the DC Comics superhero “The Flash.”

The cover and color scheme has been done to admire Lucca Changes 2020, which is an international fair dedicated to his talented piece of works in comics, fantasy, animation, and gaming.  This 2020, it began from October 29 to November 1, however, grievously due to the Covid19, it was online only.  Flash’s main characters, of course, super speed and his first look were in 1940, 80 years ago in the US.

Talking about our main star- mainly a superhero to be called “The Flash” who is just like Mini and indeed, has a long success story.  The characters have been renewed and modified, whose distinct traits have been refurbished but always surviving with faithful traits dedicated to its DNA.

In addition, that for this remarkable and more obvious happening has determined to pay honor to the hood of the Mini Cooper SE by reinterpreting the cover of number 123 of Flash, in turn, outlined by Carmine Infantino, another well-known Italian designer.  A cover that has displayed the famous and classic age or golden age as well, version of the character, Jay Garrick and his modern embodiment, Barry Allen.  Well, the main basic backdrop is the imaginary city of Central City.

The unique version of Mini was introduced during the Lucca Changes 2020, an adventure show that takes form from the well-known Comics of Lucca.  It was a popular Fair devoted to all the talented comics and games, a source point for fans of the style and genre theme since back in the year 1993.

Well, the Abstract studio for a Mini that serves a character like Flash as a dowry.  In addition, thanks to the pandemic, the entire event was held behind private gates and bars, hence without an audience or any in-person audience.  Therefore, there was the only access to all the dedicated shows instantly and directly via online platforms.

Thus, this outstanding tribute to “The Flash” by Mini at the Lucca Comics has been considered in synergy with Panini Comics and they will publish DC Multiverse comics in Italy beginning this 2020.

Anyway, watch out for this being shared on Mini’s social profiles, Panini Comics, with a few more pictures definitely set to share on the web.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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