After undergoing an extensive upgrade by off-road experts, the Mini Countryman has transformed into a versatile vehicle capable of treading on every kind of road. It has also proved its worth as an everyday vehicle as well as a dynamic motorsport vehicle with its remarkable show at the Dakar Rally.

An adventurer’s go-to vehicle, the Mini Countryman is an all-round car with five doors and a big inside compartment for multipurpose utility. The British first-class brand has the Countryman as its biggest model which delivers peak performance on paved roads as well as for other contrasting conditions. Conceptualising the company’s vision of creating a powerful car, it has been fitted with a high-performance engine and the ‘ALL4’ option of choosing an all-wheel drive. The car has also put forth an impressive display of its strength and utility by acting as a support vehicle among the X-raid Team members, even under the most hostile and tough conditions of the rally. Experts have also used their research and insight to further perfect the vehicle with chassis enhancements and converted it into a MINI Countryman Powered by X-Raid.

X-Raid’s upgrades have also made the car more suitable for off-road driving on challenging terrains. The most noticeable enhancement is a substantial increase in the ground clearance with tough wheel rims and high flanked tyres, developed exclusively in Trebur, Hesse. The trio of MINI, X-Raid and Dakar Rally has produced some of the most memorable results in motorsport scenario. MINI and X-Raid’s partnership led to them receiving high accolades and four successive victories in South American rallies from the years 2012 to 2015. Its successes however did not stop there; it also delivered a stunning performance in 2020 on the thousands of kilometres long sandy tracks of Saudi Arabia. It is a perfect example of a vehicle capable of winning the Dakar Rally five times and the technical advancements working behind the scenes that led to its glorious wins. X-Raid Team’s experts have years of experience in tweaking vehicles to optimise them to the fullest of their capabilities. The team is also well-aware of the features of Countryman that enable it to endure rallies on a varied terrain from mud to desert’s arid sand.

The team’s specialisation has been very instrumental in ensuring victories for MINI ALL4 Racing and MINI John Cooper Works Buggy in the Dakar Rally, but has also been very useful in continually progressing forward with new enhancements to create cars that could consistently endure tough races, hundreds of kilometres long. Challenging tracks like the Andean Highlands of Argentina and Chile, known for roads full of deep holes and rocks with piercing edges, and dirt ridden tracks of Saudi Arabia have been taken into account and subsequently led to the increase of its ground clearance and bolstering of its tyres. The X-raid powered MINI Countryman can also take up single contests on the off-road racing scene. In addition, its ramp angle and fording depth have also been boosted by its higher ride height and 40 millimetres higher ground clearance. Its rally special wheels guard it against any damage and the rim ring minimizes damage while visually masking its tyre flanks.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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