Driving through the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen is an easy task for the Mini, and if one decides to do a lot of shopping including some Danish Furniture, the car has the space for that too.

Planning a visit to Copenhagen? The Mini Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 is the car you need. The premium compact car is extremely versatile thanks to its four doors with extended roofline configuration and the dual split rear doors. Powered by a grunty diesel, the Mini can easily carry loads and still not lose an ounce of its agility. The Danish capital is alive in the summer with the locals frolicing about in the harbor and the canals, the Mini feels right at home driving through the streets which have a harmonious amalgamation of old and new.

The Mini Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 as it is known in Germany is a super spacious car for all needs, it comes with the signature Mini shaped LED headlamps and the Union Jack LED  tail lamps. But perhaps the most recognizable feature of the Clubman is the Split rear doors, quite unique in the segment and the auto industry, which serve as a very versatile access to the boot space. The small doors can be opened individually and provide one of the easiest ways to load/unload the boot space. The Clubman is perhaps the more muscular of the cars from the British brand, with the big grille and beefed up body styling. Despite the overall much larger dimensions of the Clubman, the signature driving dynamics of a Mini-the agile very responsive control is not remiss.

The SD ALL4 variant is the Top Diesel trim of the Clubman. The engine is a 2L 4-Cylinder Diesel that makes 190 horsepower and ensures a responsive supply of power, one can load the Clubman’s 350L boot, or even expand the area but splitting down the seats and making it a humongous 1250 litres and still feel the lively engine deliver the power for a very expressive Mini driving experience. The power passes through the TwinPower Twin Turbochargers and boosts  This is also courtesy of the ALL4- all wheel drive engine which always distributes the power between the front and the rear for a very planted and confident drive.

Several parts of Copenhagen are centuries old, and there is a perfect blend that exists between modern constructions which have been developed with much planning so as to not disrupt the historic aura that the city has. Fashion and design are one of the most important reasons for the tourists to visit, several elite brands have their outlets here and it makes up for an irresistible shopping experience. Clothing is not the only part of Danish culture that one would like to pick up, the furniture here is well-known and this is where users will be able to appreciate the massive storage area that the Clubman can afford. If you choose to visit the famous furniture store Fritz Hansen, one will be assured of using the Mini to transport it very safely thanks to the very soft and comfortable suspension.

The Car blends into the Danish city with its tastefully appointed interiors, available in choices of leather or fabric, the eloquently designed dashboard with the signature Mini Halo LED ring around it and the illuminated space inside. The instrument cluster is now on a main 5in screen and other smaller screens beside it. The infotainment screen is 6.5in and comes with standard connected apps and services like Apple Carplay and Android auto.

The Mini Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 starts at 36000 Euros (INR 45 lakh). Vehicle standard and equipment shown is meant for Germany, Austria, France and other neighboring countries, may be inaccurate depending upon your location.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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