The 2021 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 is the perfect vehicle for a weekend getaway at one of Europe’s several picturesque lakes, thanks to the roof tent specially designed for the car by Italian company Autohome. The car is perfect for driving on narrow unsurfaced roads and offers superior grip and agility than traditional camper vans. Lakes like Iseo in the northern Lombardy region of Italy is one of the destinations that weekenders will take to,and quick relocations along the lake made possible by the tent designed in collaboration with the Mini Design team.

The tent can be attached to the roof of the 5-door car with the help of the optional roof rails or the roof rail carrier accessories from Mini. The solid fibreglass housing of the tent is sleek and is aerodynamically designed, reducing drag and wind noise when driven with. The Cooper S Countryman All4 is the largest vehicle from the British marque and the folding rear seats greatly expand the 450l luggage capacity to 1,390l, optimal for storing everything needed for camping trips. One can even attach appliances to the 12-volt power socket provided in the luggage compartment, and with an additional load limit of 560Kgs the Countryman can take a hefty amount of essentials and then some.

The 4 cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine produces 178hp mated to a 9-speed StepTronic transmission and the optional adaptive suspension adds a flavor of sportiness to the car which is a delight to experience on the winding roads of Lombardy, which doesn’t subside even if one loads the car to the brim. The hidden gems of the lakes in this area requires one to venture out on the narrow unsurfaced paths, fortunately this is easy for the Countryman thanks to its All4 four-wheel drive configuration, which senses and distributes power between the front and rear wheels based on need and ensure superior grip and unproblematic commuting even in adverse weather conditions.

Camping is effortless and simplified because of the roof tent, which unfolds in a few steps after releasing the safety clasps the four gas pressure springs raise the tent automatically, along with the tent, a foldable climbing ladder is also provided for easy access to the roof mounted accommodation. The tent measures 2.1m and 1.3m which is very comfortable for two individuals for sleeping on the high-density mattress, the area is very well suited for wilderness with mosquito netting on the doors and windows of the tent to keep out insects.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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