The MINI 3-door has been the icon of the MINI model range since the model launch in 2001. So it’s only logical that the first fully electric MINI is also a “Hatch”. Naturally, we also accompany this new era with our AC Schnitzer special developments and have adapted our range for the model launch and given the electric runabout a plus in sportiness along the way.

The aerodynamic solution for the MINI Cooper SE 3-door consists of the easy-to-fit black front splitter, which noticeably improves the downforce values of the MINI. This high-quality splitter can be fitted without any further painting. It is made of the polymer ASA and is characterised by its particularly high strength, rigidity and weather resistance.

We process ASA as a plate material, i.e. the parts are milled “from the solid material”. This also produces the high-quality, matt and scratch-resistant black surface.

Of course, lacquering is still possible if desired. After the surface of the ASA material has been pre-treated, it can be painted in any colour – but it doesn’t have to be.

A rear skirt protection film, to protect against scratches on the loading edge of the boot, as well as various emblems and a decor set round off the aerodynamics program.

Due to the higher vehicle weight of the MINI Cooper SE, the suspension spring kit has been completely redeveloped. The lowering of the vehicle’s centre of gravity by approx. 25 – 35 mm at the front and approx. 20 – 30 mm at the rear, results in a noticeable increase in driving dynamics and cornering handling. This enables a significantly sportier driving style and results in higher safety reserves during load changes and evasive manoeuvres. ­

The complete wheel set with AC Schnitzer AC1 rims in size 7.5 x 19″ and tyres 215/35 R 19, is also an investment in increased driving dynamics and safety. In order to maintain driving comfort when using larger wheel dimensions, we have actively decided against run-flat tyres and in favour of sporty, conventional tyres. Conventional tyres have better damping and therefore offer noticeably more comfort.

For the interior of the MINI Cooper SE, the AC Schnitzer aluminium pedals and the aluminium cover “Black Line” for the controller of the iDrive system are available.

The program for the MINI Cooper SE 3-doors (F56) at a glance: ­
AC Schnitzer spring kit
lowering front: approx. 25 – 35 mm
lowering rear: approx. 20 – 30 mm
AC Schnitzer front splitter
AC Schnitzer decal set
AC Schnitzer rear skirt protection foil

Wheel/tyre set:
AC Schnitzer wheel/tyre set with
AC1 Light Alloy Wheels BiColor or Anthracite
-> front: 7.5 x 19″ with tyres 215/35 R 19
-> rear: 7.5 x 19″ with tyres 215/35 R 19

AC Schnitzer aluminium cover “Black Line” for the iDrive system controller
AC Schnitzer aluminium pedals