The town of Maranello in Italy has been home to one of the most iconic and influential car brands in the world, Ferrari. A company which has always been heavily invested in motorsports, and has just recently celebrated its 1000th race in Formula 1. Ferrari’s Fiorano track, a mythic place for car fans and a place which produced the most famous cars in the world, like the 250GTO, F40, Enzo, 458 and the LaFerrari along with its countless formula one championship winning race cars, was the centre of attraction as Robert Shwartzman, Callum Ilott and Mick Schumacher, of the Ferrari Driver Academy had a go at the 2018 SF71H F1 car, to get accustomed to the cars as Mick and Callum are set to drive at the Nurburgring in the Free Practice sessions with Alfa Romeo and Hass teams, with Robert having a free practice with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The 21 year old Russian driver, Robert who was driving a F1 car for the first time, had a cautious but steady go, he has won three Formula 2 races this year and didn’t take long to get the hang of the car and the track. ”The power is what strikes you most: when you accelerate the horsepower never seems to stop. The brakes are equally impressive: the car stops when it feels as though it’s too late to make the corner.” said the driver after his run.

While Callum, the runner up for the F2 championship, who has had practice in a Ferrari powered Alfa Romeo F1 car got a speedy hang of it and soon the Brit was seen flying around the track quite eager to get in some laps ahead of his session at the Eifel Grand Prix. The young driver thanked Ferrari for the opportunity and was truly amazed by the brutal performance of the engine and almost unreal grip on the tarmac while flying at stupendous speeds.

Lastly, son of the perhaps the greatest F1 driver of all time, Mick Schumacher, who is the leader in the F2 championship, who has spent some time behind Ferrari and Alfa Romeo F1 cars, drove the car with finesse and aimed to perfect his technique for the test at Nurburgring. “A few weeks ago in Mugello, I was able to drive an F2004, an amazing car, but quite old fashioned now. Getting behind the wheel of a 2018 hybrid car allowed me to understand how important the electronics are for the Power Unit and how much progress Formula 1 has made in terms of aerodynamics.”, said the German.

Head of Ferrari Driver Academy Technical Department, Marco Mattasa was thankful to the Scuderia Ferrari team to take out precious time in between the season and provide the young drivers with the opportunity. “I’m happy with the way Mick, Callum and Robert quickly got used to the SF71H. For two of them this wasn’t their first time in a Formula 1 car, but even so it’s not easy to switch from the driving style demanded from a Formula 2 car to one best suited to Formula 1.” he said.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

I am a journalism grad who has always had a passion towards machines, especially cars and war machines, the sheer competitiveness of the industry which works with the same enthusiasm everyday without fail is what fascinates me. Favourie Car: Nissan GT-R R35 Quote: What you do in life echoes in eternity- Russell Crowe, Maximus, Gladiator