Gurgaon, May 12, 2021: MG Motor India has extended the Warranty and Service Schedule Validity of all schedules due during April and May 2021. The MG customers will now be able to avail their schedules until 31st July 2021.

The auto-extension of periodic maintenance schedules and maintenance contracts is in line to protect the customers as well as their interests. MG aims to give its customers added flexibility and peace of mind in the current landscape.

MG is the first automaker to offer the extension of warranty schedules and service periods this year. It is also currently working on various community-driven initiatives. Some of its latest initiatives include inoculations of its direct and indirect employees as well as ramping up of medical oxygen production in India.

In the new normal, MG is also providing an official car accessory – Autoplus by Medklinn, which can be plugged in to any car’s 12V power outlet. MG Autoplus by Medklinn gives 360° protection of your and protects you and your loved ones 24/7 from the bacteria and viruses by sterilizing the car’s air and surfaces, while idle or on the move. It does not use any chemicals or air filters, making the air inside your car safer and healthier in these times.

It has also provided customers with Car Care Tips during lockdown.