MG Motor has once again captured the interest of many with its introduction of India’s First Autonomous (Level 1) Premium SUV, MG Gloster, which starts at the price of Rs 28.98 lakhs. It appeals to anyone who has a taste for elegant and luxurious vehicles and who wouldn’t mind spending an extra dime for it. Offering great versatility, it also has options for choosing from four variants with a plethora of distinguishing features- Super, Smart, Sharp and Savvy. Keeping customer satisfaction and value for their money at the top, they deliver supreme service to their customers and present choices to make from their multiple combinations that enable the customer to own an SUV according to their own preference. Buyers may choose between a 6 or 7 bucket seater vehicle, a two wheel drive or a four wheel drive, and two engines- one of them being a Twin Turbocharged Diesel engine.

Starting at INR 35.38 lakhs, the Savvy variant is an example of the culmination of luxury with technology to create the ultimate SUV. Armoured with the famous Autonomous Level 1 Features and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) plus a first of its kind captain seat, Gloster has become a model car in the Indian market. It also has a number of other features like Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Parking Assist and many more. MG has also upped its post purchase service game with the introduction of its personalized car ownership program ‘My MG Shield’, which is also a first for India. Under this program, the company offers more than 200 post-sale service options with a Gloster, which also comes with a standard package of its own. The common 3+3+3 package includes a warranty of three years/ 100,000 kilometres, three years roadside assistance and three labour-free periodic services. Among the 200 other options, customers are free to choose a customized plan extending to Rs 50,000, special price in effect till 31st October or 2,000 bookings, whichever is first.

The SUV is set to be delivered from Navratri. The SUV is fit to drive on all terrains with its Sharp and Savvy trims assisted with a rear differential, BorgWarner transfer case and electronic shift-on-the-fly tech which offer seven different driving modes- snow, mud, sand, eco, sport, normal and rock. For Smart, Savvy and Sharp, its i-Smart 2.0 offers more than 70 features including 64-colour ambient lighting and 12-way electronically adjustable driver’s seat. On the price announcement, Rajeev Chaba, President and MD of MG Motor India said, “We believe that Gloster will establish new benchmark while combining matchless luxury, technology, and off-roading experience in its segment. The customized My MG Shield aftersales packages will further provide more alternatives to customers and ensure a complete peace of mind. All of these features are in line with our philosophy of doing more than our customers’ expectations.”

Super (7 str)Smart (6 str)Sharp (7 str)Sharp (6 str)Savvy (6 str)
2.0 Diesel Turbo 2WD 8AT28,98,00030,98,000
2.0 Diesel Twin Turbo 4WD 8AT33,68,00033,98,00035,38,000
Prices include INR 50,000 worth customization under My MG Shield

UPDATE: Adding off-roading pictures of MG Gloster

Aayushi Primta

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